Discover the new HomeByMe version!

HomeByMe has undergone a major upgrade and the whole team is excited to introduce this much-improved version. You’ll discover an easier way to navigate on HomeByMe as well as major improvements within the 2D and 3D modes.

User Interface

The biggest and probably most visible change is the new user interface.  We have rethought the user interface to facilitate your HomeByMe experience and make it more user-friendlier. The furnish and decorate tabs have been merged to create a more ergonomic interface and include everything you need in the same place to design the perfect project.  We have maximized your workspace so you wouldn’t have to go back and forth on the website.

 User Interface


2D enhancement

The 2D mode is pretty much the same as the old version.  The construction panel still has a minimal number of elements and the way rooms are drawn will instantly be familiar for existing HomeByMe users but we have added new features and have improved the way information is displayed.

3D improvements

 It  has always been important to us to help our users transform their dreams into a 3D reality so the 3D mode is where we have put all of our efforts in the last few months. In the previous version we realized that one of the main feedbacks we were getting was that rotating objects could sometimes be a bit tricky.  Our R&D team ended up developing a whole new way to manipulate furniture. As a result rotating or moving objects is now much easier and will make each design more precise.


As we mentioned in the user interface section, the furnish and decorate tabs have merged. By simplifying these steps both visually & technically we’re hoping to help you make the best possible decorating decisions for all your projects.


Raytracing and image renderings

A new media studio has been implemented. Generating and visualizing your pictures and HD renderings has never as easy.  It is much more efficient, and we can do some exciting new things – starting with creating and fine-tuning your HD renderings and eliminating all confusion as to where these tools are. This new system is  also now perfect for sharing your projects on Facebook, Twitter or your own website.


Media Studio




 The summary tab has been improved and now offers a new shopping list with a link to your favorite brands’ websites as well as 2D plans and 3D views of each of your floors. The information is better organized than in the previous version and will help you present your plans in a new and more efficient way.

So go ahead and give it a try. We hope you’ll be happier than ever!

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