Discover the Before & After of a 70s house!

How did your project start?

We were looking for buying a house with no renovation to do but we were not looking for a new house.

One day, we have seen a house, which does not fit exactly with what we wanted. But we don’t know why, we wanted to visit this house.

We discovered a house from the 70s, with an old-fashioned tapestry very far from what we like. However, when we came in the house, we have instantly imagined live here. We were ready to do renovation for this house without to know that sometime later we will break down all the walls.

What work did you do?

We have destroyed brick walls in the house to insulate with a glass wool, then we have covered walls with plasterboard. We have done all the insulation in the house and in our attic, we have also added a new bay window. We have painted all the walls, electricity and plumbing, bathroom and WC are refurbished


How has HomeByMe helped you in your project?

HomeByMe was very useful for us in our project, especially between our first visit of this house and when the keys were handed over. HomeByMe has enabled us to anticipate the renovation, to change, to modify and to confirm our ideas and to draw up our quotes thanks to the real sizes. And today, it’s a true pleasure to see that our project looks line for line to our 3D project. We have to create new rooms in our home and of course HomeByMe will be present

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