Discover Benjamin, 3D graphic designer


What does your everyday job involve at HomeByMe?

I work on the content of the HomeByMe’s catalog. I create products, materials, and textures. Once they are created, I place them online in the catalog.  I create generic products and brand products as well. I help the developer team to improve the quality of 3D visuals.

What is your typical day ?

Depending on the timing, I model new products of our partner brands in priority, and then I model generic products to develop the catalog. The aim is to enable our users to create the more realistic interior as possible. I model trendy products or products, which are lacking for the catalog. Above all, products depend on feedbacks of our users! I have regularly meetings with the developer team to improve functionality of the catalog: for example to change illustrations of the paintings, or cushion covers.

What is your educational background?

At secondary school, I wanted to be a video games designer. That’s why during my last year at school, I took extra classes at the École des Beaux-Arts. After high school, I did one year of  preparatory class at the École des Beaux-Arts to join a graduate school specializing in video games (3years). I began to work on on-line car configurators before joining HomeByMe eight years ago.

What do you like better in your job?

What I like most is to work on a product, which is continually evolving. We are still reflecting about new functionality in order to help our users and to improve our software. And the thing I like the most is the fact that HomeByMe is available among the general public. That’s very useful because I use HomeByMe these days to create my future house !

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