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Who can best speak about HomeByMe than the ones who really use it? We decided to meet our users so you could tell us how HomeByMe helps you to anticipate you indoor and outdoor works, redesign your home or redecorate one of your rooms.

Discover the story of Matthieu who used HomeByMe to reinvent his new home and exchange his ideas with the professionals who were working on his project.


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FLOS lighting on HomebyMe!

Taccia, Black Halogen

“Contemporary living encourages us to perceive indoor and outdoor spaces increasingly as a single setting, in which objects, shapes, colours and materials converse with one another in harmony.”

HomeByMe is pleased to include 47 FLOS indoor and outdoor fine lighting products in our catalog. Lighting has never been so elegant.

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It’s time to enjoy the sun – entertain outdoors!

Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D
PH – created by Tadomar

It’s a gorgeous day and promises to be a delightful evening, so be ready to entertain outdoors during this fantastic time of year! HomeByMe has everything you need to build your own outdoor paradise. Here are nine great examples from the community’s projects to help spark your own creativity. Have fun and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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Top 5 April Project of the Month finalists!

Cazagang  |  Liane0613  |  Louise.edouin  |  Pedro19  |  Snedikerdr

Congratulations to each of the Top 5 April Project of the Month finalists!

We love to show off your projects. Your creativity and design sense are amazing and we want the HomeByMe community to have a chance to see more of your best projects. Here are five that deserve your special attention.

The first image for each project shows just one of the fabulous images presented by the creator. The second image shows an overall view to give you a better sense of the entire project. Have fun looking them over!

Pick the ones you like and pay them a visit. The images are all linked to the projects they show. Be sure to give them a LIKE to let them know you appreciate their designs!

Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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