Beginner’s Guide To HomeByMe:
Our YouTube Channel

You’re new to HomeByMe and looking for help to start your 3D Experience? Did you know that our YouTube Channel had over 30 videos to guide you every steps of the way? Here is what you need to know to navigate on our YouTube page!YouTube HomeByMe

Our YouTube Channel has 3 main playlists: Build, Furnish and General. The Build section lists everything you need to know to draw your plan in 2D. Here is the last video we posted: How to insert stairs in HomeByMe?

The Furnish section will help you with every aspects of your 3D design. How to furnish your home? How to copy and paste furniture? You’ll find about 20 videos to finish your project.

The last section called: General, lists all the videos to understand how to change your password or save a project!

We try adding videos every couple of weeks but if you’d like to see more tutorials, don’t hesitate to let us know on our forum!