Lighting February 25, 2020

Winter lighting tips to beat the dark and chill


Winter lighting tips to beat the dark and chill

Let’s take a look at some ideas for lighting for dark rooms

Getting natural light into a dark room

We should always start with a consideration of natural light before moving on to interior lighting design. You can easily multiply what daylight there is by hanging a mirror directly opposite your main light source, so it literally bounces off the walls. Look at your curtains too: are they obscuring the daylight by hanging over the window panes? Either a wider curtain pole or a quicker fix with tiebacks will solve the problem and let the light shine in. You can choose between flexible fabric or cord tiebacks, or a more rigid holdback made of metal or plastic, whichever suits your decor better. Having maximized your daylight, think about the artificial light. Start with a welcoming warm white light rather than a cold blue tone in the hallway for a positive first impression. In the living room, concentrate on table lamps and standing corner lamps; leave the overhead light off.

The concentration on localized lighting will transform a cold room into a cozy and appealing space. In a particularly dark room, lighting fixtures need to be multiplied, rather than increasing the illumination power of just one or two. But be careful of dazzle. Place table lamps so they don’t dazzle either when standing or sitting. If you can’t avoid direct eye contact, go for a fitting that’s made to be seen, like the new generation of vintage-style filament bulbs. With well-chosen lampshades, task lighting can be angled so the pool of light doesn’t spill over into circulation space. Before you start on your cozy new design, don’t buy new lighting before you’ve tested your ideas with a 3D free plan. You’ll find with 3D home design software, you can make your mistakes at the visualizing stage before committing to any expensive outlay.

Five tips for warm winter lighting

1 . Tip 1

Multiply the natural light in a room by hanging a large mirror directly opposite the window. That way your light will reflect around the room.

2 . Tip 2

Make sure your curtains are not obscuring the light except when needed. Use curtain poles or rails wide enough to draw the curtains right back, or use tiebacks or holdbacks to let the light in.

3 . Tip 3

Look at the color of your lamps. A blue-tinged light may look more like daylight, but it feels cold. Go for a warm white, particularly in the hallway, to establish a welcoming feel.

4 . Tip 4

A cozy decor can’t have too many table lamps and standard lamps. For more illumination, multiply the number of these rather than increasing their lighting power or switching on the overhead light.

5 . Tip 5

Check your ideas with some 3D home design free software. It will help you plan and visualize, avoiding mistakes while gaining inspiration from other 3D apartment plan users too.

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