Decoration August 22, 2020

The messy chic look: not as random as it may appear


The messy chic look: not as random as it may appear

The boho look of past decades has finally grown into the 21st century with a similar, but significantly different style – messy chic.

If your style goal is a messy chic apartment you’re right on trend, but beware of the old-fashioned boho look. Don’t be seduced by mirrored mosaics, dark-patterned throws, and fringe on everything from handbags to cushions to retro lamp shades. In the modern messy chic trend, large and bold patterns, fresh and simple colors, and as much daylight as you can entice into your living space add up to a vivacious, zesty take on messy chic ideas. For a living room, try centering the focus on a rug with a fresh, floral pattern rather than a geometric or intricate one. Bright flowers can set the tone, carried through to a pale sofa color with light floral toned throws. Think citron, emerald green, turquoise, or lilac. Steer clear of somber colors such as dark amethyst, purple, or deep cherry red.

Remember we’re not talking subtle. Abandon any leanings towards taupe, stone, olive green, or soft grey. The principle also applies to wall hangings and light fittings. Since the messy chic look is mainly about bold accessories against a calm, simple background, keep walls pale; apple white makes a great foil for bright colors. Add floral embroideries to your throws and mix and match colored glass tableware. Go for wall hangings in large blocks of color. If you can find some Mark Rothko or Barnett Newman posters or prints, you’ve got it made. Light is important for the messy chic look to stop it from being confusing, so remember to add some bright pendant lights and spotlights to illuminate dark corners. Part of the fun of planning your new look is trying out ideas with 3D home design software. This will help you hone your vision, avoid mistakes, and gather inspiration from the 3D apartment plan community out there!


1 . Trick 1

Avoid the dated boho/hippie look. Steer clear of mosaic-mirrored fabrics or picture frames, don’t be tempted by fringed borders, and banish dark colors. Replace them with large blocks of color, bright embroidered throws, and fresh citron highlights.

2 . Trick 2

Let the sunshine in! Allow as much natural daylight as possible into your home and make sure it bounces around the room by reflecting off pale walls, sofas, and rugs. Bring the color into the accessories and decorations.

3 . Trick 3

Try out your ideas with 3D home design free software. As you check it out, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’re able to focus your vision and arrive at an overall look that may be messy chic, but still has an inspirational theme.

4 . Trick 4

Mix and match colored glassware and multicolored table linens for your dining table; collect as many colored glass vases as will reasonably fit on a coffee table and fill them with flowers or simple grasses.

5 . Trick 5

Try to find some posters or prints in the style of Mark Rothko or Barnett Newman, or for an even more modern look, go for bold flower or fruit patterns. Anything will add to the look if it’s bright, bold, and organic.

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