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The best way to tidy up using Marie Kondo’s method

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The best way to tidy up using Marie Kondo’s method

Start this battle with Marie Kondo’s advice!

You have reorganized your kitchen and dressing room, created a working area and storage in the hallways. Decorating is finished, but to achieve the perfect result you still need to implement some organization tools.

Start this battle with Marie Kondo’s advice!

This Japanese consultant is an author of one of this year best-sellers. The title? “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. But why has this boring subject has suddenly become a global success? The answer is very simple: tidiness is a trend. Even the psychologists and the coaches have declared: being well-organized is the basis of wellness.

The motto of Marie Kondo: by tidying everything at once, one can dramatically change the state of their mind. This change is so deep that it can affect the emotions and irresistibly influence the way of thinking and everyday habits.

Practically speaking, you should only keep things that give you pleasure. The rest should be thrown away or donated. Same principle for papers, but take care to keep and especially to classify all your administrative documents. You should also transform the time of tidying up into a ritual in order to ease the task. Decide to do all the tidying up at once rather than repetitively as this can be exhausting. Then you should apply this rule room by room and category by category. Throw away all old clothes, books, papers, sentimental objects and arrange what remains.

Everyone should find his way in this Zen atmosphere on their own, without any outside help. Choosing to get rid of items should be guided by personal decisions.

Marie Kondo The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, Ten Speed Press, 2014.

3 tips to organize your home using the KonMari method:

1 . Tidy by category

Don’t multiply storage space. Try to sort your stuff by category and keep the items of the same category in one place.

2 . Declutter your home

Instead of buying new storage boxes, fill trash bags to get rid of the superfluous or objects that have not been used for the last six months.

3 . Be reasonable

Apply these tips wisely so that you don’t regret any action that can’t be undone.

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