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Terrace/ balcony equipment safety rules


Terrace/ balcony equipment safety rules

Every square meter in your home is precious, and fine weather, terraces and balconies become more and more important.

Design ideas and choice of furniture are both very important, but ensure your choices minimise risks and ensure safety. Read our tips to ensure that these goals are met.

In addition to classic furniture such as as dining furniture or outdoor lounges, it’s also possible to install other equipment, such as swimming pools or jacuzzis. Similarly, greenhouses, pergolas, or loggias are becoming increasingly popular. None of this equipment can be installed without permission of the owner or manager in the case of a block of flats.

If any work is to be done, you should entrust it to a specialist. If you make changes to the waterproofing work carried out by the company, then the company that has conducted this work may be exempt from the ten-year liability. And it will then be your responsibility to ensure the removal of the equipment if work is necessary.

For heavy equipment a prior assessment made by a specialized consultant is necessary. The capacity of the support structure, the heat insulation and sealing will all be verified in this instance.

5 tips to enhance your terrace or your balcony with light equipment:

1 . Basic rule

Terraces are usually fitted with tiles on a pedestal. They can withstand light equipment. The total weight, and standing for each piece of equipment (in particular, plant stands) must not exceed 90 kg, so that they can be moved during maintenance.

2 . Drainage systems

The installations should not interfere with the regular cleaning of the terrace, or rainwater drainage systems.

3 . Mobile installations

Fixed elements should not be installed in the joints of the floor tiles. Sun umbrellas, for example, should always be mobile and shouldn’t be installed with a fixed base.

4 . Fire!

Fire cannot be directly lit on the tiles. It’s necessary to install a barbecue grill with a cover plate and tray of embers. And check with the owner/manager to know the rules that apply to your building.

5 . Security

It’s essential to follow these rules: no equipment (bench, table) that a child could climb should be located in the immediate vicinity of the railing. For more information refer to local standards.

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