Decoration April 14, 2020

Style guide: what’s yours?


Style guide: what’s yours?

The aim of redecorating your home is to absorb all the current trends to create the atmosphere which suits you the most.

There are an endless number of combinations that you can come up with, and as is the case with fashion, you mustn’t be afraid to make mistakes. By taking risks you create style.


A very distinguished style that emerged as lofts became fashionable. It is characterized as being very masculine type of style.

Materials: Steel, metal and sometimes even rust are used to be associated with raw and skated wood, that can keep tracks of the past. For a perfect look you can leave a section of the brick wall visible.

Dominant colors : Anthracite grey, brown, red, beige, black


Round shapes help tone down flashy colors, therefore creating an energetic style which transmits a positive mood.

Plastic, is of course, the main material from the pop years. Today there are many variations including the stool to the shelf, including the wall lamps. Colors: Orange without doubt, but other possibilities are red, blue, green and yellow.


Scandinavian style is characterized by white color and pure lines from the ground to the ceiling. What’s good about it is is that it combines both esthetic perfection and comfort, which certainly explains its popularity over the past few years. Materials: Wood (preferably light coloured), fabric, leather and animal skin. Colors: White, black and sherbet colors, particularly used for accessories such as pillows.


Ethnic style will allow you to travel, even in a small room. This style allows you to dream and to escape, and has the ability to take you back to the memories that you experienced during your holidays. Materials: Bamboo, wicker, linen, wood, terracotta. Colors: Red, rose, orange, yellow.


Vintage is based on a retro atmosphere which draws its sources from the 50s and 60s. The idea is to mix the objects found in flea markets, anonymous creations and to create designs from these two eras. Materials: Fabric, lace, iron and wood in a mixed in a fun fashion which adds some style and sophistication to simple little antique objects. Colors: Khaki, grey and beige form the neutral base of this style where you can add intense colors such as turquoise and mustard. You can also choose floral or geometrical

Our 5 tips to help you define your style:

1 . Welcome to the Industrial universe

For you the interior design is first of all an opportunity to get down to work. You love seeing the result of your work and you’re not put off by DIY. Industrial style agrees with your taste given its slightly male touch. There are no candles in your home, except for the scents of musk or amber.

2 . You are a member of an Ethnic tribe

Being here or somewhere else isn’t a problem for you. You know exactly how to combine your desire to escape and your taste for comfort. Every experience adds something new to you and your design. You are responsible with your decor chocies and you express yourself even through your choice of furniture and colors. You lean towards warm shades and natural materials.

3 . Your fantasy is totally Pop

Your visible passion for colors and a fun disorder lies behind your love of attention to detail. You love pop shades and materials, because they set your imagination free and let you relax. However, in your home every object, every tone or material is chosen with a great care.

4 . You are religiously obsessed with Vintage

Your motto: nothing is lost, everything is transformed. You are a professional in recycling and customization, and are always proud to reveal the origin of your finds. In your home every element follows the main guideline: bring the past to the present.

5 . You have Scandinavian style

You are a member of the large tribe of decorators that navigate between accuracy and informality. You like to demonstrate simplicity and to give meaning to things. Black and white are your favorite colours, but you also like to add shades of soft colors to complement them.

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