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Stone facing: 10 ideas to recreate at home


Stone facing: 10 ideas to recreate at home

Timeless, natural, elegant … The stone has almost only advantages in decoration. If it was often found in the garden, now, it takes over your interior


In total look

It is audacious, but it works well, especially in the old houses that find their charm back. Do not forget that you can paint the stones if you want to change your decor afterwards.


In contrasting wall

Easier to set up than the total look, dressing a stone wall helps to give charm to a too sober environment. We especially like the contrast with contemporary furnishings, in black or white tones.


Around the fireplace

The stone is unique to highlight a strong element such as a fireplace. We choose an easy-to-clean stone, or even an adhesive wall tile, to easily remove any traces of soot.


On a rounded wall

Like all textured coatings, the stone emphasizes spaces with atypical shapes. On a rounded wall or in an alcove, it creates an interesting play of light. Look carefully at the lighting to showcase the whole.


In the entry hall

Only if the entrance is large to avoid stifling space. We like the elegance of a rough stone facing that makes a link between the facade and the interior of the house. Focus on light colors for a lively touch.


In the kitchen

If you do not have high elements in your kitchen, dressing a wall of stones helps to give charm. However, do not forget to install an easy-to-clean credenza to keep an impeccable kitchen.


In the bedroom

We opt for a single stone wall, ideally behind a wrought iron bed. The stone dresses space and allows to bet on a minimalist decoration, in a gradient of white and ivory.


In the shower

For a maximum decor effect, choose an Italian shower covered with stone tiles. You can opt for textured stone if the water is not too limestone.



This is the most traditional application of stone cladding, but you never get tired of it! Choose a coating originating in your region, even if it is necessary to repaint the stone afterwards. Between ocher stone of the south and blue stone of the north, all the nuances are allowed.

TIP 10

On the terrace

Say goodbye to the gray wall behind your new terrace. Today there are stone tiles that are easy to install, even for a neophyte, and designed for exterior effects.


  • Rough stone, cladding or tiles, there are many ways to dress a stone wall, both indoors and outdoors.
  • We play on contrasts with a contemporary style for maximum effect.
  • Lighting is treated to awaken the different shades of natural stone.

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