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New Scandinavian style trends heading your way


New Scandinavian style trends heading your way

No one really knows exactly what it is about Scandinavian design that is so fresh, distinctive and appealing. We just know it works!

We just know it works! Here are some trends from the home of cozy minimalism heading your way.


You can give a touch of warmth and class to a Scandinavian-style living room with an oversize brass light globe. This works best for a low-hanging central light in a Scandinavian-style kitchen positioned over a work surface or dining table. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to those old paper lampshades anyway! If you really love those paper-and-wire constructions, a new take on Scandinavian-style lighting can be achieved with not one central light, but a cluster of different sized globes at different heights. This gives your living room a real space-age feel achieved as always with Scandinavian style lighting, with stark simplicity. And on the subject of lighting, candles have always been hot news for Scandinavians, and now their traditional Nordic Light candle-holders are taking the States by storm. Candles burn down at different rates, and the swivel base means a pleasing new shape every time you light them.

In the bedroom, the trend coming your way is the blue or green accent wall in an otherwise white environment. This Scandinavian-style bedroom has such a fresh, clean look, you can almost see the snow-covered slopes outside the windows! To get the look, avoid bright shades of turquoise or emerald and go for a smoky dusk-blue or soft teal green. If you have the accent wall behind the head of the bed, it creates a little cocoon of warmth in just the right place, while the other white walls act to expand for a sense of spaciousness and promise. Part of the fun, and definitely an essential part as well, is to plan your changes with the help of free 3-D home design software. If this is your starting point, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it helps to focus your ideas, and at the level of constructive input you can gather from other 3-D free plan users as well!

5 tips to get the Scandinavian look

1 . Brass globe lighting

Scandinavians are masters at stylish lighting, and you can always look to Scandinavian design for inspiration. A brass globe in a living room or over the table in a dining room adds an inimitable touch of style.

2 . Paper lantern cluster

If you can’t bear to part with your old paper lantern light fittings, refresh the look and create a sense of a floating night sky with a cluster of globes, ideally in a few different sizes and suspended at different levels.

3 . Candle holder design

A single candle stuck in a bowl doesn’t quite make the grade! Scandinavian Nordic Light candle holders add a touch of clever design with endless possible configurations for a dining table centerpiece.

4 . Accent wall

Get the new Nordic look with an accent wall in a shade of blue or green that is soft enough to be cozy, but fresh enough to make you think of summer meadows. Keep it to one wall for a sense of warmth.

5 . Plan before starting!

The time that you invest in planning your project for a new-look Scandinavian style in your home will never be wasted. You’ll be surprised how quickly 3-D home design software helps focus your ideas.

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