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Keeping up with color: why greige is the 2020 essential shade


Keeping up with color: why greige is the 2020 essential shade

Neutral colors make a perfect background for any size of room and any amount of light.

Shades of neutral may be subtle, but believe it or not, a seemingly invisible underlying tone can still influence your mood and the ‘feel’ of a room. Greige is the feel of 2020.

Color techies will tell you that gray is pure black and white in any combination and is inescapably cool; beige is a richer, warmer color made up of yellow, orange or red undertones, and greige… well, greige is exactly what it sounds like: a mixture of the two. This means it can be both cool and warm at the same time, a neat trick! It means your space color will express a feeling of warmth and welcome, while also retaining a touch of distance and sophistication. The clever contemporary combination has even taken the world of fashion and hair shade by storm, proving that you can take the color greige anywhere! This is exactly the reason that greige is the background chosen when the famous Musée D’Orsay gallery in Paris decided to change color. It allows the atmosphere of warmth and style to permeate the spaces without imposing itself on the paintings themselves.

And you can do the same for your living room, bedroom or kitchen. A background of greige gives your decoration some chameleon properties! If you like the sophisticated monochrome look, greige will complement it perfectly with just a hint of warmth. If you have mainly wood furniture pieces, the beige aspect of the background will reflect the warm color palette and enhance its glow. And if you like bright, bold colors in your accessories or even main items of furniture, greige will gracefully take a back seat yet still look tailor-made to match any bright blues, purples, greens, or red tones. Another secret that color experts always have in their repertoire is to visualize before committing to a scheme. If you use a visualization tool like the 3D home design free software available from Homebyme it will really help you to see the effect you are creating, and add little touches for a professional finish.

5 tips to make the most of greige in 2020 :

1 . Browse color charts

Thinking of going greige? Browse some color charts to familiarize yourself with the different shades that make up this enigmatic color. You will appreciate how it affects the feel of a room.

2 . Think black and white

Greige makes the perfect background for the slightly masculine monochrome look, which you can soften with pure pale gray for furnishing, and a greige lift for background warmth.

3 . The glow of wood

If wood is your predominant furniture style, you will appreciate how greige picks up the glow of lovingly polished surfaces and enhances their innate beauty. Choose an orange undertone.

4 . Color splash

Add a splash of your favorite furnishing color, either in accessories or a whole furniture piece; greige is guaranteed to set if off beautifully!

5 . Visualize first

Before you start, use a design visualization system like the Homebyme 3D free plan to check out your ideas, and get some help from the online community, too.

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