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Interior design ideas for your child’s room


Interior design ideas for your child’s room

Should you decorate your child’s room the way you want or should you let them choose?

You’ll need to find the right balance to get the perfect bedroom decor for their room. Laure Bailleux, founder of the furniture brand and boutiques Laurette gives us some “mommy advice”.

1 . Your brand has celebrated its 10th anniversary and has become a key player in the industry of children’s home decor.

We have always created furniture collections which offer a vintage atmosphere. This has been trendy for some years now, but Laurette is above all, a brand, which offers practical pieces of furniture. We revise and design all our models with this in mind.

2 . What are the trends in the upcoming months for children’s rooms ?

The 50’s are over. Today, the 60’s and 70’s are making a comeback. These years are more pop and plastic is king. In our collections, we’ve emphasized our work on rounder shapes.

3 . What about colors ?

For larger pieces of furniture, I recommend soft colors. The pieces of furniture we design are created to accompany your child through childhood, his teenage years and adulthood. Therefore, we work with pastel, taupe, grey and soft pink colors. For the rest, the trend is turquoise and even bubblegum shades. I recommend keeping the very 70s colors such as orange, green and yellow for bed linen. Finally, well-informed people can choose from mustard colors to brightened black or metallic colors.

4 . How do you involve children in the decoration of their room ?

You know what, children often have very good ideas! When they’re old enough, asking for their opinion is a good way to teach them about decoration, especially for small decoration objects like cushions or shelves. It’s also a good idea to give them a beautiful decorative object for their room for Christmas or their birthday. They often get attached to it for a long time.

5 . What are Laurette’s basics for a bedroom’s decoration?

We’re not satisfied with just a single color for one room. The best solution is to define a trio of colors to apply on walls and furniture. You get less bored with the chosen shades especially if you’re careful not to choose too stimulating colors. We pay particular attention to the range of paint we recommend to families asking for our advice.

Laure Bailleux, founder of the furniture brand and boutiques Laurette – Laurette Collection



Choose various furniture styles or colors! Don’t stick to one color or style.

Today for children’s rooms, we like to add small objects that bring style to the room. These objects are becoming more and more popular are an ideal transition between toys and knickknacks.

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