Decoration May 10, 2020

Draw on a talented architect for your decoration


Draw on a talented architect for your decoration

To Jean-Louis Deniot, the discreet and talented architect who has just signed the design and decoration of the Nolinski Hotel.

An inspiring and energetic place that oscillates with style between luxury and simplicity, classic and contemporary.

1 . Describe us your preparation work for the Nolinski Hotel ?

Obviously, the profile of the customer is very important, I am listening to his/her expectations, but the country and the place itself are also essential. Around this space and what it releases, I build a real scenario, without necessarily taking into account the decorating trends. Be inspired by what is done around you. I try not to be a follower while keeping some form of relevance. From there, I will work to build a list, with components, materials, shapes … I avoid integrating visuals, I prefer to stay in the abstract and seek to retrace the story to come with simple words.

2 . What rules should you never lose sight of when you start a decorating project?

Without hesitation, comfort above all! You have to define your own expectations and respond to them without dithering. For example, I always imagine a room that can accommodate a large carpet. It is an essential accessory that guarantees the feet comfort and the phonic well-being. Same thing for the curtains, which I integrate in each space. They guarantee a pleasant sound and add interesting verticals.

3 . How to play with the volumes in your achievements?

It is necessary to avoid making four identical walls, I prefer the proportion of two out of four, decorated in different ways. This allows to create false perspectives and to set up a beautiful dynamic in a room. Same effect with a large mirror. It will inevitably alter the volumes and give an impression of grandeur, more spacious. Regarding furniture, in a living room, I like to play with the seats to allow everyone to find his/her place according to his/her mood. Two sofas freeze a place and the way we live. With a small armchair you can sit in a corner if you’re not in the mood to be at the center of attention… Or simply turn it around and enjoy the play from a different perspective. You have to know how to play with furniture and volumes to create different experiences.


Be inspired by what is done around you” It is essential to open our eyes to what surrounds you to hatch decorating ideas.

In a decorating project, you should first be concerned by your comfort.

You have to know how to play with furniture and volumes to create different experiences.

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