Decoration February 25, 2020

Decorating your first apartment? Do it like a grown-up


Decorating your first apartment? Do it like a grown-up

Mark the passage of moving into your 1st apartment in grown-up style. Here are some good deco ideas that will move you away from the student lifestyle

On your own, as a couple, or with roommates, furnishing your own apartment is a fabulous opportunity to imprint your new-found adult status on your surroundings. Don’t blow it by using an old cardboard box for laundry when you could have a woven basket in seagrass or bamboo. Look around for inspiration and familiarize yourself with 3D home design software. You’ll be delighted to see how many easy interior design tips you pick up from like-minded users. Play with layouts and interior design ideas for small apartments – or quick ideas for big apartments if you’re that fortunate! It will help you focus on what you really want before starting to spend that precious first paycheck. And when you’re ready to go, why not start with somewhere cozy to snuggle with a fur-covered armchair. It’s very 2017 and probably not your parents’ style at all, but that’s part of the fun.

5 tips

1 . Woven basket sets

Not only for laundry, woven baskets in bamboo jute or seagrass make lovely planter cases or shoe holders. They’re also unbeatable as a quick fix when you need somewhere to throw all the clutter for an instant tidy-up.

2 . 3-D apartment plan

Gather inspiration by visualizing your ideas and sharing snippets with other 3-D free plan users. Your time investment will turn into fun and save you from making expensive mistakes when you start shopping.

3 . Snuggly armchair

Home is above all the place you relax. A faux-fur covered armchair is a real style statement as well as totally inviting. If you can’t quite afford the real thing, hunt around for some fur fabric to use as a throw.

4 . Marble-top table

If you can afford to splurge on one big ticket item, invest in a marble-topped coffee table to add an unmistakable air of adult sophistication to your living room. It doesn’t matter if you sit at it on cushions or mats rather than expensive sofas!

5 . Bedroom serenity

Choose a solid color for your bedding. You can add a boho touch with discreet embellishments like tone-on-tone embroidery or tiny tassels. By avoiding a busy print, you can feel free to use as many jewel-toned cushions as you like.

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