Decoration February 25, 2020

Copper, a new trendy decorative material


Copper, a new trendy decorative material

After the cold of stainless steel, decoration rediscovers copper. It can be found as much in everyday objects as in the works of great designers.

How to integrate copper at home?

Key trend for a while, the copper is perfect to bring a warm touch to your interior. This noble and sturdy material is really appreciated by designers such as Tom Dixon, Gio Ponti and Jean-Marc Gady. They’re creating precious accessories (candlesticks, vases and other fixtures) and use copper for furniture. Indeed, copper perfectly highlights sofas, office chairs and other coat racks with a hint of color. Regarding style, copper succeeds the “tour de force” to suit both a graphic decoration and a classic interior. We prefer rounded shapes to emphasize Scandinavian style, while graphic lines are better suited to contemporary interiors.

If the copper is suitable for furniture and decoration accessories of any kind, can it be used on the walls? Yes and no! The total copper look is a bit flashy, so we prefer some contrasting elements for a more stylish decoration. For example, it is possible to coat the studs of a door, a kennel or a frieze at the top or bottom of a wall. These paintings ideas are perfect for an industrial style by contrasting the copper with anthracite or brick red. They can also be adapted to a Scandinavian decor, using copper as a complement to white wood and pastel colors.

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5 tips to integrate copper in your interior decoration

1 . In the kitchen

This is the opportunity to bring out your old copper pans! Trendy idea decor: divert your pans in the form of fruit baskets or pouch-pocket for a retro chic and contemporary effect.

2 . Small touches

The copper shade is also available on many accessories: baskets, soap dispensers, candle holders … There is something for every taste – and at all prices – in decoration shops. Adopt several for a coordinated effect.

3 . Charming lighting

What about the “Coppershade” pendant light by Tom Dixon… This light displays a perfect design, ideal for a kitchen or a bedroom. The famous designer also offers a copper collection that inspires us to refresh our home decor.

4 . Lighting decor

Floor lamps, desk lamps… The copper is great to add a touch of warmth to your lighting. It is especially appreciated in the office and the library where its vintage effect is highlighted.

5 . Bold stencils

Paint Idea: Wake up the color of your walls with copper stencils. We will preferably choose timeless motifs, such as arabesques for an oriental touch or flowers for a natural one…

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