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Bringing the garden indoors: making an impact with house plants


Bringing the garden indoors: making an impact with house plants

Among the benefits of indoor plants is their bright and fresh aspect as living decor. Here are our tips for making an impact with plant decoration in


Pick a focus

Choose a statement plant to be your main focus close to one corner of the room. By all means, have other decorative plants, but smaller ones and not too many or your lounge could look like a greenhouse.


Decide the theme

When plants are part of the decor they need to fit in. Decide on a theme, whether graceful green fronds or bright colorful flowers; if it matches your decorating concept it will work.


Understand your environment

Start by zoning your living room into its different climates. Do you have a full-sun windowsill? It’s perfect for miniature cactus plants. There’s a plant for every climate; this is why indoor plants are good for all types of rooms.


Plant pot clusters

For the smaller non-statement plants, clustered groups of similar colors not only add to your overall style but make much more of an impact than single specimens dotted around the room.


Potted clusters

As an alternative to grouping pots in clusters, you can combine different plants in one pot for easier maintenance. If your decor is bright, try a group of the same species in different colors, for example dwarf azaleas in red, pink and cream.


Three-dimensional decorating

Hanging plants are a must as part of your plant display. Be careful to place them where people won’t bump their heads. The best indoor plants for hanging baskets are those that trail naturally, like the String of Pearls succulent.


Easy for beginners

Start simple. A trailing plant that is almost indestructible is the Satin Pothos. It’s distinctive green and cream-colored foliage can make an interesting and eye-catching addition to your decor.


Pretty plant pots

Containers are a major element when considering how to arrange indoor plants. Choose colors that complement your decor plus the plants themselves, and make sure the size is right for the surfaces they stand on.


Dried branch elegance

As long as you have living plants, combine your decorations with dried flowers, cut grasses or small decorative branches. It all helps to bring movement, color and interest to your living room.

TIP 10

Tender loving care

There’s no need to be a gardening expert; just give your plants the kind of TLC you would other ornaments. A quick wipe of large leaves with a wet cloth as part of the dusting routine will work wonders!


  • Select one plant to be your major decorative statement. Others should be grouped in clusters for maximum impact.
  • Decide on a theme to suit your decor; elegant fronds for a contemporary feel or groups of bright flowers for a cozier look.
  • Make beautiful containers play their part in your overall scheme.

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