Interior Design February 25, 2017

5 interior design trends for 2017, including some surprises!

Interior Design

5 interior design trends for 2017, including some surprises!

Rattan chairs and cork tiles are making a smashing comeback. Not surprisingly, the continued popularity of natural textures... Get ready for 2017!

As our lives become ever more high-tech and screen-dominated, the urge to resist is unstoppable. Let the digital universe take over our working lives – at home, however, we want to embrace nature, with organic forest colors, and touchable peace-giving textures. How? With natural materials like rattan, untreated wood, and cane. Set off these textural elements with natural fibers like wool and cotton.

Best of all the natural materials, cork tiling is back! The beauty of cork is that it is a sustainable material. And it has a whole host of benefits on top of looking restful, calm and beautiful. Its inbuilt springiness makes it perfect for a kitchen floor, where you probably spend more time on your feet than anywhere else. And its sound-proofing properties can cut down on noise between apartments in a block, or between rooms in a house.

Some great color combinations to set off the warm golden tan of cork are just around the corner, too. Almost any shade of green will bring your apartment into the future, replacing the blues and turquoise of last year. Especially think in terms of warm color schemes made up of deep forest green, with touches of Spring larch green for a truly woodland feel, or set off with deep amber or burnt orange accessories to create a richly jeweled atmosphere.

Gold, burnished bronze and brass are going to hang on in there for 2017; who could resist the opportunity to set off the warm tones of cork and forest greens with a splash of gold, silver or polished granite. As long as they are in the natural color pallet, they will always love each other! Make sure you check out your inspiration for 2017 with a 3D apartment plan, like the 3D home design software from Homebyme. Visualization will always help the creative process.

5 tips for 2017 design trends

1 . Know how to match colors

Enhance your peaceful materials with colors from the natural world. Imagine a cool forest with zingy parrot colors glimpsed through the trees!

2 . Bring back cork

The color is peaceful and warm, the texture makes standing a pleasure, it’s eco-friendly and water-sealable, and it comes from a renewable source. The great cork revival starts in 2017!

3 . Use natural materials

The more you fill your home with the unvarnished products of nature, the more you will feel relaxed. Rattan chairs, reclaimed wooden dressers and woolen rugs will enhance your peace.

4 . Keep the copper

The popularity of burnished metals like copper, bronze and gold aren’t finished with yet! They make the perfect match for your background of natural colors and materials.

5 . Go green

Designer serendipity has never worked so well! Set off your warm golden tones with deep forest green and touches of spring – or even lime – green to make a fresh and airy atmosphere.

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