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Ideas to decorate your balcony


Ideas to decorate your balcony

If you live in a city apartment and you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, how should you decorate your balcony?

To make the most out of your balcony, you’ll need to prioritize your favorite activity: growing plants or herbs, taking your breakfast outside to eat it, drinking pre-dinner cocktails or simply lounging on a chair under the sun. Define your balcony’s layout as if it was an extension of your home. In this long and narrow space, most of the flow will come from your apartment. Make sure to remember this key element. For your plants, you can choose to put them in window boxes or similarly in large jars. Wood or metal is perfect for nice species of plants. On the contrary, to hide the length of your balcony, always choose different flower display cases. Place them in different orders to create volume. Also, choose plants of different heights. Bamboos for example, create a great atmosphere.

5 tips to choose the right flooring for your balcony

1 . Exotic Wood Flooring

Elegant and warm, this type of wood flooring will adapt itself and can withstand climate change. It’s cheap and the pine can have a 25-year warranty. Local wood contributes to sustainable development. This isn’t the case for exotic woods, which are more resistant to rot – but because of this are also more expensive. All wood should be treated as Class 4 for perfect moisture resistance.

2 . Treated wood

An ecological alternative to exotic woods, this type of wood is heated to the extreme to become resistant and stable. This exercise doesn’t yield any toxic elements and takess advantage of local woods.

3 . Tile or Concrete

The first option requires the second one to be installed. Nowadays, we often skip the second step to enjoy a concrete slab. You can also apply specific paint colors to obtain a more cheerful atmosphere.

4 . Stone

Without any doubt the most elegant material. And the most long lasting one as well. It’s worth trying on small surfaces. Reconstituted stone is cheaper and offers great technical qualities but each year you’ll need to give the flooring a patina.

5 . Precautions

Before laying out any flooring, you’ll need to find out the weight that your balcony can support. The co-ownership association can provide this information. Otherwise you’ll need to call an architect who can give you the exact calculation.

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