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10 ideas to design the perfect walk in wardrobe!

Interior Design

10 ideas to design the perfect walk in wardrobe!

There’s no need for a super large space to create a well designed walk in wardrobe. Just follow these few basic rules!


What size?

Start by focusing on your needs and define precisely what your wardrobe contains. Do you need more cupboards or shelves? Want to integrate your luggage and linen? Plan ahead and review all of your current storage. Don’t forget about the attic and basement, where you can store clothes or accessories that you don’t need to have at your direct disposal.


The right place

You can choose to dedicate an entire room to your clothes but allow at least 4m2. Another interesting solution is to have an entire wall in a corridor, on a landing or in a room. Finally you can turn a closet into a real dressing room by incorporating multiple storage accessories offered today by many stores!


The extras

If you have the chance to design an entire room, consider carrying out some installations and adding some furniture. The central island is thus ideal for storing accessories and toiletries and can also be very convenient for makeup and organizing jewelry. You can also install a place to put shoes.


From the top to the bottom

Above all, make the most of the height of your room and cupboards that reach as high as the ceiling. Then you can organize your storage by placing objects and clothing that you need the least at the top. You can also install retractable bars to adjust wardrobe height.


Small spaces

In smaller spaces, you have to find appropriate organizations solutions. To reshape an existing closet, two figures to remember: 1.20 m for shelves and 70 centimeters for coat racks.



Whatever your organization and size of your wardrobe, lighting is essential. If you redo a room completely, add false ceiling spotlights and direct them to the openings in your closets. You can couple this with automatic lighting for the inside.


Closing system

In a dressing room, you can do without doors. In a closet, choose between swing doors and sliding doors. For the first option, there must be 90 cm of free space in front of the shelves, otherwise opt for the second alternative. In this case invest in a good quality rail.



For practical storage and to save space, compartments which store accessories are the perfect finishing touch for you dressing room. You can choose between compartmentalized drawers, tie holders, belt holders, sliding hangers for the pants … The list is long and in this case it is worthwhile to speak with an expert!


The right size

Shoes deserve special attention. There are a lot of storage solutions for shoes, and it’s necessary to choose the one that fits your budget.

TIP 10

The 30% rule

It’s essential to not find yourself without storage: your new space shouldn’t be filled more than 70%.


  • There is a solution for all configurations. Whatever the space you dedicate to your wardrobe, you’ll always save space by finding the storage that fits your needs.
  • The dressing room should not become a storage space for everything and anything. It will lose all of its appeal if it becomes the room to store everything in the house.
  • Be sure to keep it tidy in order to make the most of it.

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