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How to transform your attic and expand your home

Remodeling your attic can add much needed precious square meters to your home. Find out our top 10 tips to optimize this extra living space.

Practical guide - 1 December 2015

Tip 1

Types of attics

Attics with ceilings that are sufficiently high enough can be converted into new living spaces.  However, attics with extremely low ceilings can be used only for storage and not for living.

Tip 2

The right ceiling height

Your attic should have a minimum height of 1.80m and the slope of the ceiling should exceed 30%. If you can’t stand up in the space, you can still convert it into a playroom, a child’s bedroom or transform your attic into a mezzanine with an large bed.

Tip 3

Increase lighting

Add windows to enjoy the maximum amount of light throughout the day. The main choice that often comes to mind is a window in the roof, but don’t forget that you can also add windows on the sides that slope.

Tip 4

The ideal window

To bring in more light, plan a wide lining for window frames. And to achieve proper insulation choose window and carpentry models adapted to your needs, including blackout roller blinds or shutters.

Tip 5


Whether your attic is for living or for storage, insulation is essential for the rest of your home. Improving your insulation is the best way to lower your heating bills. You can save up to 25 % and also become eligible for state aid. Get in touch with experts to find out more about insulation. rustic bedroom

Tip 6

The heating

To heat the new room, you can extend your central heating. In this case a plumber can make theneccessary connections and install radiators. Otherwise, you can simply opt for an electrical installation with gentle radiators.

Tip 7

Cooling down

However, during hot summers you may need solutions to prevent your attic space from overheating. Think about this when planning renovation work. For example, you can install additional insulation that lowers heat by a few degrees. Blackout blinds can also block out light.

Tip 8

Check your floor

Don’t forget to check that the floor must be strong enough to support a room.  Nowadays there are a lot of solutions to avoid overloading the surface.

Tip 9

Many possibilities

You must make the most out of the space in your attic. You can add benches, bookshelves, additional storage, home offices and others facilities.

Tip 10

A place to sleep

To install a bed in this space under the ceiling, ensure that the height is adjusted and that you can use it comfortably. Otherwise, your space-saving solutions will soon get on your nerves.

In a nutshell

In the attic lighting is important, so consider this figure: the glass surface should represent one sixth of the living area.

When you plan to add a window, always take your time to comply with planning rules on the distance between your house and the neighboring houses.

It’s ideal to set a minimum budget of 300 euros per square meter.

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