Placing things with precision


You have a choice of many tools to help you plan your new home or home renovation.  Some are very very complex and very expensive and naturally very exact.  Some are not.   Additionally you also have the option of working in the more traditional 2D and the (in my opinion) better 3D environment. offers you an easy to use, free, and most importantly allow to you be as exact as you want with the flexibility of both 2D and 3D presentations!   Hard to believe right?  Lets take a look!

Where is it?


You’ll find the option for 3D Measures in the settings on the top right.  After enabling this setting you will see the 3D measures on any object you select.  Each of the values displayed are editable, giving you full control of the position of any item in 3D space.

How does it work?



Turning on the 3D Measure tool enables these distance rays and values for each item you select.   You can then select any of the values and edit them to change the distance of the object on that direction.  For example in the image above.  I sometimes have a heavy hand and instead of guessing if I placed the flower on the counter top or through it I turned on the 3D Measures tool and edited the value for the bottom distance ray to “0” and pressed the “enter” key.  No guessing required!   You can enter fractions or decimal point values into the amount box.

When should I use it?


From moving furniture into the right spot or setting the perfect table you can use the 3D measures for everything and anything.  Sometimes the information alone is useful without the need of making any edits.   Just knowing that a lamp is 8 inches from the next wall will help you when you pick out a curtain.  I tend to leave the tool on all the time and love having the option of manually editing the placement of items as I work.  Precision and Simplicity working hand in hand!

Give it a try and let us know in our Support Forums if this was useful for you!