Exploring New Designs: Kitchens



The kitchen!  In many senses is the true heart of every home.   Be you a novice or a professional cook, everyone wants to use their kitchen space (can you ever have a big enough kitchen?) smartly and everyone wants a “great” kitchen.   The best way is by exploring new designs (yep I did that) and HomeByMe is by far the best tool to help you do this.

We’ve spoken before on using the Kitchen Wizard here, but in this blog we’ll look at different ways of exploring multiple designs quickly and in a manner that will best help you make your choices.

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Exploring New Designs: Bathrooms


Hello everyone!  Ever had the feeling that you could have done more with the space in any particular room?  Had a new idea but it wasn’t fleshed out enough to share?  HomeByMe is here to help!   This blog series will dive into the exploration of new design ideas concentrating on a few rooms of the house to help you get going with your own home.   This week we are covering the bathroom.
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Habitat celebrates its 50th anniversary!

Yesterday, Habitat, the famous UK  household furnishings brand founded by designer Terence Conran, celebrated its 50th anniversary with the press and we were there!

The event was held in a parisian loft near Place des Vosges and was attended by journalists and bloggers from all over France. Each room in the loft was decorated with the 2014 Fall/Winter collection and journalists were invited to try Habitat’s new furniture and home decor.Lamp

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How get the most out of HomeByMe Ground separations

Ground Separations can be as key to your project as your walls! Used with imagination they can help you add much more realism to your Snapshots and HD Images. Without Ground Separations, you’re missing a great chance to improve your presentations from just structures and objects –

HomeByMe lets you create your own 3D home and decor.

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