Discoveries: Columns Spanning Multiple Floors

Every now and then as we work with the tool we discover some neat little tips and tricks or unique ways to do something. I’m going to use this space to make short blogs sharing these thoughts with you.



Creating Columns that span multiple floors

With the recent introduction of holes, you can create interior spaces that can span multiple floors much easier.  The first thing I wanted to recreate was that sense of majestic space you get when you see these floor spanning columns.  It was actually very simple! Let me show you!

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Friends’ Apartment in 3D: Oh my God!

How u doin’? Since the show ended in 2004, everyone has been asking the same question: Is a Friends reunion coming to TV? Unfortunately, Courteney, Jennifer and the others have often denied this reunion.

But don’t worry, following the How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory‘s apartments in 3D that we recreated a few weeks ago, we decided it was time to recreate one of TV’s Best Series of All Times’ apartment in 3D: FRIENDS!

cuisine friends 2

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November Project of the month winner!

Please join us in congratulating carlota for winning the HomeByMe November Project of the month with her inviting project Fresh! I love this home because it was designed to have people enjoy it from the front porch to the back porch! We should all get together and have a party to help Carlota celebrate. Arriving at the front door, you’ll start to smile and relax as soon as you notice the cheerful flower boxes and comfortable benches ready to welcome any visitor.


HomeByMe is a 3D online space planning service developed by 3DVIA.

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