How to open doors & windows in HomeByMe

Opening doors and windows in HomeByMe is easier than ever. An open window can help visually open up the interior design of a room and an open door lures the eye farther in to peek at what’s inside the room when sharing your results. Your snapshots and high quality images will look more realistic with a mix of open and shut doors and windows!

HomeByMe lets you create your own 3D home and decor.

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Tek Import & La Boutique du Grand Cirque joins HomeByMe

Last week, we had the pleasure to welcome two new brands in HomeByMe, La Boutique du Grand Cirque and Tek Import. Both french brands decided to participate in the HomeByMe adventure and we’re happy to expand our branded products catalog with their amazing collection of products.

Tek Import Desk

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Making my first move: The Floor plan


Welcome to my new series!  I recently went through my first family home purchase and the after process that is creating your nest. I believe the experience could have been enhanced greatly by the use of HomebyMe.  In this series, I revisit the process as I would have done it had I known and used HomebyMe for all the decisions, perspective and planning that is part of making your house a home.

In this blog we’ll start at the beginning, that first moment your brain start formulating plans: The floor plan in the realtor packet.

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