Dining well and living well go together

Although more and more of our meals are eaten at the kitchen counter or just standing up, special occasions almost always celebrate the meal in a carefully thought out dining room. The room may be big or small, but sitting and eating leads to longer conversations and a more enjoyable dining experience. And that often leads to even more leisurely time in the living room.

Nine projects created by Homebyme users are each centered around a beautiful dining area or living room. Enjoy them and also get some ideas for your own home. Bon appétit!

A neutral color palette is popped wide-open with well-placed zings of bright yellow!

ls –  created by savkina

HomeByMe helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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10 Elegant Homes

A sense of elegance is the common theme amongst these 10 homes. Whether they’re big or small; excellent use of space, color and the items chosen for function and decoration give them a simple, delightful elegance. I’m only able to show a small taste of each home, so please visit the projects that catch your imagination and take a closer look. Just click on any of the links or images and you’ll be taken to the project.

This apartment is filled with unique and challenging shapes, especially the smaller spaces like the bathroom. Vertical elements frame the horizontal tub and decorative wall hangings make the space seem larger.

Appart V4 – created by Yann171

HomeByMe helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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12 living rooms ambiances to be inspired!

It’s crucial to well-designed your living room since we spend the bulk of our time in this area! Indeed, this is a place of rest, communication and exchange. It is therefore important to project yourself and predict the decoration in every detail. Before you start decorating the living room, try to determine what will be its main function. You are lucky because this is a space where comfort and style can endless be broken.

Here are some living rooms atmospheres that will help you find your  own déco! If you enjoy a particular style, just click on the picture to access the project!


Mi nuevo proyecto - mari75

Mi nuevo proyecto – mari75


Mon nouveau projet - AELLEa

Mon nouveau projet – AELLEa


Projet du 21 09 2015 - florencedoci

Projet du 21 09 2015 – florencedoci


ray 4 - rayjohn

ray 4 – rayjohn


Spacious familial apartment baku final - bozbash

Spacious familial apartment baku final – bozbash


150 Project - tbibrahimagung

150 Project – tbibrahimagung


appart - vincent1

appart – vincent1


chaletmini - josievoyer

chaletmini – josievoyer


Depto Macul - abalartc

Depto Macul – abalartc


Grey's Anatomy Dream House - sbrekken1

Grey’s Anatomy Dream House – sbrekken1


hei65 - New

hei65 – New


hpme4 - IbaBay

hpme4 – IbaBay


It’s your turn !