#HomebyYOU: discover before/after house makeover

Today, we tell you the story of Rodrigue who has entirely renovated his apartment. It was a huge project for him as it was his first real estate purchase, so he needed to reassure himself and make the right choices.

Here’s how he did it!

Before After

 Homebyme – How did your project start?

Rodrigue – At age 26, I wanted to buy my first apartment after 8 years of renting. It was a way to invest in real estate and I had the feeling I was wasting money by paying rent. I also wanted to really feel at home, being free to choose the paintings I like and plan the kitchen of my dreams. It is probably the scariest project of my entire life for now, as it is a totally complete project that I did myself and in a very expensive but beautiful city: Paris. It was especially difficult with my tight budget, I could only afford an apartment that needed a lot of work, so the project was harder.

Homebyme – What kinds of work did you have to do?

Rodrigue – I had to entirely remake the entire apartment: plumbing, electricity, and of course the plan of the apartment. It is only a two room apartment, but it was still a lot of work! I worked with a local artisan who helped me with all this stuff. We planned how to remake the bathroom, kitchen, and also figured out the floors and paintings before starting the real construction.

rendu 3D avant après

Homebyme – How did Homebyme help you in this project?

Rodrigue – Well it was really useful to help me define what I wanted by easily testing different plans and colours in 3D. I was glad to have the ability to project my own personality into my future apartment, and visualize the results, because when you are investing this much money, you can’t be wrong. I was happy to show my plan to my artisan, and then to work together to build it as close as possible.

Click here to discover Rodrigue’s Homebyme project in 3D!

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Imperial measurement is now available on Homebyme!

You asked for it, Homebyme did it!


With a strong community around the world, it was natural for our team to do the best and adapt our tool to as many people as possible. That’s why these last few months, we have been working on imperial units for our anglophone Homebyme lovers.

Between you and us, it is a big feature that gave our devs a hard time! Some of you may think this is a simple conversion case… no way! Rounding off in the conversion of metrics was a real headache and required a lot of tests and readjustments. We were not going to launch a feature which will skew all your work on Homebyme! We are now proud of the work done and we hope you will be as delighted as we are.

To shift to imperial measurement, you only have to choose the units you want in your account settings and click on SAVE.


imperial measurement homebyme