Customizing your Floors


A floor is a giant canvas stretching through your entire house.  It can affect wall color, mood and even inform us as to the function of the room.  Custom cutting tiles or wood can create the most intricate patterns, logos and artwork.   In HomebyMe you to can be as creative as you want with your floors, up to an including custom artwork!  Seeing the image above you  must be wondering what kind of additional skills you need to create anything specific.   The truth is you don’t need any special skill or time invested to create unique shapes in HomeByMe!  All you need is an image to trace and the ground separator tool!


The Image


There is only one place in HomeByMe currently where you can import an image and that is in the floorplan settings.  You’ll find this menu in the Build Tab.  You can import almost any image here to use as a tracing base and then delete it when you are done.    Use the “Move Floor plan” yes/no box to move the image anywhere in your project.   And use the Scale to change the size of your image.  In this manner you can use multiple designs on the same project or if working on a pattern you can create the first tile then move it in this menu and continue working.


While you are working in the build or furnish tab, you can access this menu through the settings (top right gear icon) by clicking on Floor Settings.   You can also use the settings menu to show/hide the image to see your progress.

The Ground Separator Tool


You’ve probably used this tool already to define multiple areas in an open space in your project or define the kitchen area.  This tool is excellent for tracing as well.  This Yin Yan may look difficult now but after you start tracing you can create equal or better quality work in minutes!  Creating curves using the Ground Separator is easy as well.   I like using a halves method. Like this:


Starting with a line, double click on the center and drag out a little bit.  With your image to trace you’ll know how far to drag the point.  Then take the two new sections you created and double click and drag on the center of each to create a curved shape.   I used this method for all the shapes I created in the main image.   Remember that you get more precision as you zoom in to your project.   So for very detailed work zoom all the way in!

Color it in!


Last but not least, after you create your Ground separated trace you can select each shape you created and choose the flooring material and color from our extensive library! At this point it is safe to delete the image we imported, unless you are creating a pattern :).   Don’t forget to experiment with different flooring materials, like a glossy tile insert on a wood floor or concrete.

Remember to save your work often and with different names, especially when working artistically so you have multiple versions to revert back to if you change your mind or want to recreate a part 🙂