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It’s time to show off some of your best projects! These five examples are just a few of the dozens of great projects that you create every day. To be amazed by even more fantastic homes, check out the HomeByMe Gallery. You can reach the Gallery anytime from your projects page. Just click Top projects to the left of My projects or farther down in the Featured projects section click on Our best user projects. No matter how you get there you’ll find a feast of projects to bring new inspiration to your own projects!

Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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Six of the best – check them out!



Making fantastic spaces for everyone to enjoy is what HomeByMe is all about! Every day you share new incredible examples of your creative fun. We like to show them off to give you pleasure and to inspire each maker to reach for more. More inventiveness, more possibilities and overall, more comfort. Here are six examples of how good you are! Enjoy them and join us in congratulating the creators!

Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D


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9 gorgeous realistic images

Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D
MODEL2 – image by Collsinclair


Images say so much more than words. Your projects start with images from your imagination, remembrances of places you’ve been or images you’ve seen.

When you want your project to be understood by everyone, your best bet is to use realistic images. You have that capability within HomeByMe and some of you are extremely good at using realistic images to create some stunning visual treats.

To create your own realistic images, click on the camera icon and then Realistic Image from the dropdown menu. Just follow the steps and you’ll soon be a pro too!

Here are just 9 from the thousands that you’ve created. Give yourselves a lot of credit for being great “photographers” AND fantastic designers!

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Prairie cabins getaway

Prairie cabins blog post image on HomeByMe

When it’s time to get away from the day-to-day world and enjoy some peace and quiet, this pair of cabins is a great place to go. They’re a little fancier than many cabins, but in my imagination they’re just right. The view through the gap is a natural invitation, so let’s go have a look!

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