3D Home Design Guide

Definitions, step-by-step instructions of the HomeByMe planner, tips and ideas: browse this guide to become a 3D interior design pro!

More about floor plans

What is a floor plan?

It will allow you to easily design your home and visualize it in 3D. In this section, you will learn everything about floor plan, so that your project becomes a reality!


More about site plans

What are site plans?

Seeing your interior from a bird’s eye can give you new ideas related to the space available in your garden or terrace. Discover here why Site plans are a necessary step of your home project!

Decorate your home

Do it all by yourself

How to plan a DIY home remodel?

If you enjoy tinkering on your own, our solution is perfect for you. Making a 3D plan will ensure the success of your renovation project. Read more about how to plan a DIY home remodel here!

Master 3D