How to light up a bathroom

Lighting is an important aspect to take into account when thinking about the layout of a bathroom. Lighting, for example, can heavily influence you mood. Avoid, therefore, installing facilities that are stunning and aggressive or, on the contrary, too weak, which is not a good way to start off your day.

Practical guide - 18 August 2015

Tip 1


In a damp room, the electrical installation must be sealed and grounded. The electrical equipment shall wear the items NF-Electricity and be of class 2. And of course, one should never change a bulb when it is wet.

Tip 2


According to the standard NF C 15-100/A2, a bathroom should be divided into three sections. Section 0: water is stagnant, in principle, so no installation is possible. Volume 1: up to 2.25 m above the section zero, only the light fixtures low voltage and lower than 12 V can be installed, see IPX4 and IPX5. Volume 2 : 60 cm beyond the shower and the bath, is placed IPX4. Volume 3: 2.40 m in the beyond volume 2 and 3m in height, is installed luminaires IPX1. Beyond these 4 sections, one passes to the IPX0.

Tip 3

For information

IP: Index of Protection. X: protection against dust and solid bodies. Number: index of protection against splashing water.

Tip 4


Class 1: grounded and in zone 3. Class 2: double insulated, but not grounded. Class 3: very low-voltage, 50 V maximum.

Tip 5

The ceiling

The light should be evenly distributed throughout the room. If it’s a spacious room, you can opt for a ceiling light or even a more classic chandelier. Note in this case: it’s best to go the plastic bushings to metal bushings. At the time of work, you can also install low-voltage spotlights that illuminate pleasantly any style of room.

Tip 6

The wall

The wall sconces complement the ambient lighting on the ceiling. They also must correspond to the standards. Around the mirror, they are very useful but do not forget that a side lighting is more pleasant in the morning. Finally, you can provide an indirect lighting at the bottom or top of the walls, this softens the atmosphere.

Tip 7

Good use

Don’t forget that the light of your bathroom is important as well to wake you up in the morning and to relax in the evening. You will therefore need to provide several atmospheres and a drive can be a good investment in this room.


Tip 8

Choose your light

The simplest is to go to a specialized store that will offer you the models that meet the standards.

Tip 9

Question of style

Headbands LEDs, spotlights, adjustable or not, built-in light to the mirror… Today there are multiple solutions, so always think about the time of installation to avoid shadows

Tip 10


Very trendy in all parts of the house, it proves to be a perilous exercise for the bathroom, do not forget that before all the safety standards premium.

In a nutshell

You have to find the right balance between style and safety standards.

In this room, more than anywhere else do not hesitate to multiply the points of light to achieve different moods depending on the time.

Take time to choose the fixtures and to grant them, the mix of style is often a success.

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