Bathroom March 29, 2020

Making the guest bathroom a place to enjoy visiting


Making the guest bathroom a place to enjoy visiting

A guest bathroom should reflect your personality. Here are some quick bathroom remodeling ideas.


Decorate the walls

An expanse of carefully chosen tile patterns can look great in your main bathroom, but a guest room really needs something with more immediate and personal interest. Choose a large poster or print, or group themed pictures to provide a focus.


Feature the mirror

To be honest, many visits to the guest bathroom are made to check visitors’ appearance–hair, makeup, no stray buttons undone–so make this pleasurable and fun with a feature mirror in an interesting frame, perhaps from a thrift store.


Keep it cozy

Bathroom renovation is always fun and a challenge to make the most of limited space. For the guest bathroom, forget making it appear bigger, and concentrate on cozy. A pretty throw rug, heated towel rail and warm colors add up to a real welcome.


Coordinating accessories

Your main family bathroom may be a cheerful mix of styles and practicalities, but for the guest bathroom, go to town on coordinating bathroom accessories in the form of soap dishes, soap pumps and hand lotion.


Soft fluffy towels

Still on the coordinating theme, it’s worth investing in a matching set of fluffy hand towels, guest facecloths and a bathmat in a color that reflects your picture and tile pattern scheme to add to the feeling of a snug cocoon.


Choose feature tiles

Tiles for a bathroom can make an interesting feature if you treat them more like pictures than a repeating pattern. If you have a small wall unsuitable for framed pictures, pick interesting illustrations for random placing of feature tiles.


Soft lighting

Aside from the main mirror which needs daylight or a covered strip-light for clarity, the mood can be enhanced by wall lights with pastel soft-colored shades. For special evenings, add strategically placed decorative candles for a flattering glow.


Emergency supplies

For overnight guests, it’s a thoughtful touch to have a store of practical supplies laid out in a lined basket to supplement any essentials that may have been forgotten, such as toothbrush and toothpaste, moisturizing cream and the like.


Fresh flowers

Flowers are always the perfect welcoming gesture. No matter how small, or even a single flower, if you’ve taken the trouble to acquire flowers and display them in a pretty container, it adds a finishing touch that will be sure to be appreciated.

TIP 10

Add some sparkle!

Before guests arrive, give a final sweep over your faucets and other metal fittings with a mild anti-limescale solution to bring a simple sparkle that shows you care. It works wonders.


  • Forget tricks to make the room look more spacious; even in a small guest bathroom, coziness is always the key to a welcoming feel.
  • Decorate walls with lots to look at: a bold poster, grouped pictures of people or places, or feature tiles with intricate illustrations.

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