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Making a small living room spacious with clever design


Making a small living room spacious with clever design

Apartments are getting smaller! How do you make a small living space look bigger? Here are a few simple decorating tips to make it seem larger.

Some people still have the idea that furniture needs to be pushed back against the wall to make a space bigger. It doesn’t! New designs for living rooms now focus on zoning as the key to a spacious feel. This involves designating areas for specific activities. For example, the best living room designs include walk-around space around the sofa, with a slim console behind it. This creates a new zone around the console, for a music center, bookshelves, or storage. Create a dining zone and place chairs or stools well away from the sofa. Or double up a kitchen island for a dining area for another one of the best interior design ideas for small apartments – the multi-purpose space. Room arrangement is where 3D home design free software comes into its own. Have fun with schemes and quick deco ideas for your 3D apartment plan – like an electronic try before you buy!

3D home design software can help you envisage all sorts of quick ideas for small apartments. Remember pastel shades are always good colors for living rooms with limited space. Keep a look-out for furniture with built-in storage and multiply perspectives and interest with the use of multiple mirrors. Folding chairs in metal or wood provide an elegant solution for visitors without permanently occupying your precious space. Always keep windows uncluttered. Don’t ever paint window frames in strong colors contrasting with the walls – a tone or two darker looks more contemporary. And avoid heavy drapes which will close in the room; if you can get away with only translucent muslin drapes, the eye is drawn outside and the barrier between inside and out is minimized. Create focus for your room by placing all pictures, hangings and other wall decoration on a single wall to keep the open feeling.

5 tips to make a small living room feel spacious

1 . Create separate zones

Forget pushing furniture back to the wall. this merely emphasizes the limited space in the middle. Bring it out into its own functional space for reclining, dining, or working.

2 . Dual-purpose spaces

Make one space do the work of two, like a kitchen island/dining table or an ottoman with a tray on top for a coffee table.

3 . Use free apps

Don’t underestimate how much a 3D free plan can help you make the most of your space, by picturing your ideas and trying out changes before you commit.

4 . Keep windows uncluttered

Paint window frames in a shade similar to walls to keep space open, and avoid heavy drapes which can make the room feel stuffy.

5 . Cluster wall decorations

You may be brimming with ideas to decorate living room walls, but in a small space keep them clustered on a single wall to create focus.

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