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Tiny kitchen solutions for pots and pans storage


Tiny kitchen solutions for pots and pans storage

When it comes to pots and pans in your kitchen, your choices are simple: hide them away or put them on display

Packed away or on display?

Whether it’s a grand piece of architecture or the smallest detail of interior design, one of the first things designers learn is that human scale is a constant factor. Pots and pans bring a similar imperative: you can’t miniaturize them just because your kitchen is tiny! If your instinct for a perfect kitchen layout is to pack everything away, design kitchen cabinets so you have at least one with a deep drawer. You can find or make one with a small partition at the front or back for a neatly standing stack of lids. Lids are always the little glitch in an otherwise perfect storage plan, so don’t leave them to an afterthought! You can buy drainer-like racks for the same job, but there’s really no need. Even better than a deep drawer is a corner cabinet fitted with a lazy Susan: just don’t overload it, otherwise protruding handles will defeat your scheme.

The open display idea is often the optimum solution for a small kitchen. Hanging carousels can look great, whether an expensive designer model in wrought iron, or a DIY solution like a hanging wooden wheel, its spokes fitted with old-fashioned butchers’ hooks. However, if your space is really limited, the wall is a better option. Open kitchen cabinet ideas can include simply removing the doors for easy access, or a simple shelf above the range keeps things close to hand. Wall fittings are the most space-saving; you could repurpose an old window frame by fitting it to the wall, with hooks tailored to the size of your utensils, or make single or double shelves with hooks attached to the edges for added storage. Before you start, check out your ideas with HomeByMe 3D home design software; you’ll be surprised how it helps to spot potential problems and firm up your ideas.

5 tips for storing pots and pans

1 . Display or stack away?

A tiny kitchen can look cluttered if you display; on the other hand, you may not have cabinet space to hide away. Decide before you start!

2 . A deep drawer

Make sure your cabinets include at least one with drawers, the bottom one being deep enough for utensils. Don’t forget a compartment or rack for the lids.

3 . Lazy Susan

A corner cabinet where you can rotate the shelves makes brilliant use of every inch of space. Just be sure not to overload it.

4 . Suspended pot rack

Buy or make an overhead storage solution so all that empty air space doesn’t go to waste. A rectangular frame to reflect the kitchen island or a wheel-style rack both look good.

5 . Wall hanging space

Shelving, a linear rack, or even a designer DIY solution like an old window frame fitted with purpose-spaced hooks, keep pots, pans, and lids within easy reach.

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