Kitchen February 25, 2020

Rich contrasting textures for new character in your kitchen


Rich contrasting textures for new character in your kitchen

Contrast gives weight and depth to an overall concept. In contemporary kitchen decor themes, it can be tricky to achieve, but there are ways.

The reason the all-important texture contrast is more difficult in a kitchen is that everything needs to be easily cleanable. Unlike a bedroom where you can mix and match silk, velvet and lambskin to your heart’s content, kitchen surfaces must be more or less smooth. Nevertheless, since one of the biggest interior trends 2018 has witnessed is the quest for contrasting textures, it can be done. Think of mixing ever-fashionable natural materials like stone and wood with the sheen of chrome or steel, perhaps with coloured highlights of polished copper or bronze. As this year’s kitchen décor trends for winter revolve around warmth and welcome, this combination of materials has an instant touchability which is irresistible. Add a section of bare-brick wall in a place safe from splashes, or glass-fronted natural wood cabinets, and you have instant texture, colour and contrast.

You can do a lot with undulating textures too, even though they need to be wipeable. Try a splashback of stone-like calibrated tiles teamed with a polished granite worktop or a geometric mix of matt and metro-style gloss tiles for an interesting contrast in your splashback. If you have a kitchen island, there’s a lot you can do with finishes that add texture to your design. For example, you can incorporate corbels, appliques, fluting and other visually stimulating trims to both island and cabinets. If you simply must have a dash of colour, pick a non-slip washable mat from the vibrant amethyst blues or emerald greens that are leading the way in interior colour trends of 2018. Before you start to design, remember that when you use 3D home design software, you’ll have a head start in picturing your result. A 3D apartment plan can be surprisingly effective at helping you to make decisions before you risk any costly mistakes.

5 tips for contrasting kitchen textures

1 . Natural materials

Ever-popular stone and wood never lose their appeal. Even if you have no wood furniture, ring the changes with wooden bowls and utensils like a mortar and pestle.

2 . Chrome and steel

A perfect companion for natural materials, steel always looks right in a kitchen and a mixture of polished and brushed chrome finishes adds even more interest.

3 . Glass and brick

Glass-fronted cabinets teamed with a section of bare-brick wall make a texture contrast that’s especially acute. With this much texture interest, you hardly need to add colour.

4 . Washable mats

But if you really want a statement colour to add to all those earthy natural tones, find a bright mat with a non-slip base and make sure it’s washable.

5 . 3D free plan

Protect yourself from potentially expensive misjudgements with some 3D home design free software. It adds to the fun, and you’ll pick up bonus tips from other users in the process.

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