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Kitchen decor: 5 ideas from the experts


Kitchen decor: 5 ideas from the experts

Designing the perfect kitchen can often be more complicated than we imagine it to be. Here are some experts tips to avoid the most common mistakes in

Size isn’t the most important aspect of your kitchen. What matters most is what you want its purpose to be. You must decide if you want it to remain only a place for preparing meals or whether it will also be a room for socialising. The kitchen is increasingly becoming an area in which you can enjoy family life and entertain friends. In both cases, we advise you to consider the rule of the work triangle. The goal is to minimize the distance between the three most important areas in the preparation of meals: the water zone which includes the sink and dishwasher, the cold zone which includes the refrigerator and freezer and finally the hot zone which includes the plates and the oven.

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Furniture and storage are critical for organizing your kitchen. Take the time to review all shapes and material to maximise utility and comfort. Remember to always store utensils, objects and appliances close to the area in which you’ll be using them. If you want to change these arrangements, consider modular furniture. Modular furniture is becoming more and more popular and is a real asset in kitchens,where furniture often needs to be adapted for use. Regarding accessories and appliances, draw up a list of priorities. Remember to provide adequate lighting for both the general atmosphere of the room and to also properly illuminate the worktop. The latter can be standard or custom-made​​. For all layouts, make sure to follow the safety rules, whether it be for the power grid and gas, or for room ventilation, for fire standards or to prevent accidents in the home, especially if you have kids.

Finally, the last thing to define is the style of your kitchen. Today the kitchen is as important as any other room when it comes to decorating. Colors and floorings, wall shades, work top material, design furniture…you have plenty of choices.

5 tips to get the perfect kitchen design layout ideas!

1 . Single-Wall Kitchen with a counter

This is a layout that is suited to a closed and narrow kitchen or on the contrary integrated with another room. Movement from one area to another is limited to a single line. To reduce moving back and forth, place the sink in the center and the cooking station and refrigerator on each side. If the room is closed, you can place a table or a foldable shelf over the counter.

2 . Two parallel counters

In a space that’s long, but wide, this layout is effective because it minimizes the distance between the three areas of the work triangle. The ideal space between the two counters is 1.20 meters.

3 . L-shaped Kitchen

This layout is based on two adjacent kitchen walls. If one of them has a window, make sure to install a sink below. In the corner, it’s a good idea to integrate revolving doors. This type of kitchen also allows you to add a dining area

4 . U-Shaped Kitchen

It can be either open or closed, and it works for every room size. It’s highly practical and allows you to have all of the necessary elements and utensils within reach. In the case of an open kitchen, one of the counters can be used as a separation from the rest of the room, and it can then be converted into a bar.

5 . Island-Shaped Kitchen

This is one of the trendiest kitchen layout ideas. It requires a lot of space because the island is added to your single-wall kitchen in a L-shape or a U-shape. If you want to incorporate a sink or a cooking station, make sure to plan the installation of water and electricity inlets beforehand.

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