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Choosing the colours for your kitchen


Choosing the colours for your kitchen

The decoration of the kitchen deserves all our attention. Cold or warm colours, everything is possible if you respect a few rules.

Two trendy kitchen designs: cool colours and warm colours Cool colours. Very trendy, the cool colours fit particularly well the contemporary kitchens organized around a central island. We could choose among various colours, such as grey to be contrasted with lacquered white furniture, or the atoll green that will highlight the wooden kitchens. The taupe is also very appreciated by designers for its ability to adapt to all environments. It is adopted without hesitation for the worktop or the credence. If you have coloured furniture, such as red, black or blue night, you should leave the walls in white to enlarge the space.

Warm colours. Warm tones are easier to match with traditional kitchens, even if we can deal with them in a more modern way. If the red-brick kitchen is now too common, it nevertheless remains a very good decorating idea to give a twist to this room. For a more original touch, you can add pink, purple or fuchsia tones for a vintage kitchen spirit. An orange tone can be a good solution if you are a fan of colour and you’re not afraid to get bored. In this case, keep your furniture as natural as possible, especially if they are made of wood. Finally, avoid off-whites and other beige derivatives in the kitchen. Far from creating a warm atmosphere, they give, on the contrary, the impression of a stained or aging paint.

5 tips to choose a colour that won’t get you bored

1 . Sobriety

The busiest patterns and the brightest colours are the ones that we quickly get tired of. To avoid this problem, decline tones in several shades. Grey, for example, comes in anthracite, glitter, marbled, mottled, and even metallic.

2 . Great classics

White, very pale blue-gray and ochre are timeless colours. To add a touch of fancy, you can bet on colourful accessories or original textures: polished worktop or frosted glass doors.

3 . A play of contrasts

You dream of a fuchsia kitchen, but you dare not? Apply this paint only on a part of the room to create a striking contrast without a long-term commitment! For example, you can repaint the credence or the edges of the doors without touching the kitchen itself.

4 . Makeover

Take advantage of a renovation for a slight makeover of your kitchen by changing the handles of the furniture or by repainting the doors. You will feel like you are entering a new space and will more easily adopt the colour of the kitchen walls.

5 . Our tip

Use our online home software to draw 3D plans of your future kitchen. You will be able to discover the effect produced by your new paint and be sure to appreciate the final result.

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