Decoration April 26, 2020

Top tips for extra bedroom coziness this fall


Top tips for extra bedroom coziness this fall

Welcome the fall by making a snuggly haven with our tips for an extra cozy bedroom!


Multiple patterns

Nothing makes a room as warm-feeling as a cheerful mixture of patterns. Try a floral bedspread, geometric ethnic-style wallpaper or hangings, and silky cushions in jewel tones. For the full Aladdin’s Cave effect, add colored paper lampshades.


Quiet colors

If dreamy simplicity and a quiet atmosphere is more your style, keep walls pastel–the fashionable grey-lilac range is ideal. Add a delicately patterned bedspread in a soft peaceful shade, such as old-fashioned Wedgewood blue for a Zen-like calm.


Old-world romance

For the ultimate in a romantic throw, go for an interesting texture. Cable-knit bedspreads look and feel wonderful, or make your own version from patchwork squares in a combination of knitted and fabric squares or triangles.


Use wall space

An overcrowded room doesn’t feel cozy, only cluttered. In a small room, try wall-mounted bedside lights and a dressing table lamp so they don’t occupy precious floor space. It frees up more space for books on your nightstands too!


Bring nature indoors

A constant supply of fresh flowers is expensive, but make space for some dried seed-pods or branches for a remnant of summer in your cozy fall bedroom! In winter, you could add a light silver spray for seasonal glitter.


Cast-iron bed frame

If you’re lucky enough to find a vintage bed frame, preferably in iron with curly flourishes, you have an instant cozy atmosphere! Even a reproduction gives a room an air of history and peacefulness that is very appealing.


Soft fabric drapes

Depending on your privacy needs, the lighter and softer your drapes, the sweeter and cozier your bedroom atmosphere. If you can’t go for light muslin because you need blackout drapes, go for retro velvet for an air of luxury.


Top-up comforts

Keep a top-up throw folded over the end of the bed, to use as a comforting shawl for that Sunday morning cup of tea, or just for sitting up and reading. So much more elegant than an old-fashioned robe!


Nightstand storage

Try a wooden storage trunk, painted in a pastel shade, to double up as a nightstand. It gives a homey feel, storage for extra pillows and blankets, and leaves plenty of space on top for bedside essentials.

TIP 10

Snuggly bedside rug

A cozy bedroom cries out for a soft furry rug to sink your toes into when you get out of bed! This year’s trend for faux fur fabrics, like synthetic flokati, is perfect!


  • Make a feature of your bedspread. Try contrasting patterns for a treasure-trove look, a delicate blue pattern for a peaceful atmosphere, or a textured bedspread for a homey feel.
  • Utilize an old storage or blanket chest for extra snuggly blankets, throws, and cushions. It gives you nightstand space as well!

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