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Glam bedroom ideas for a stunning Hollywood Regency interior


Glam bedroom ideas for a stunning Hollywood Regency interior

Give your bedroom the 5-star treatment and extend your love of the Hollywood Regency style into your bedroom. These glam bedroom ideas will inject gla

How to create a Hollywood Regency bedroom?

This eclectic style is effective in the Hollywood Regency bedroom and is easy to create if you’ve got an eye for sophisticated glam bedroom ideas. 

The bed should make a statement and can be as decadent as you wish. If you really want to go to town then a canopy bed is the perfect showstopper for a Hollywood Regency bedroom. Bed frames made from brass, mirrors, or carved wood painted in a pastel color convey the ultimate in glam bedroom luxury.

Choose a padded leather or velvet headboard that tones in with opulent bed linen. Use faux fur throws and pillows with sequins, fringes, and tassels for eye-catching comfort.  

The color palette sets the scene, and whilst pale colors are common for this style, deep burgundy, strong navy blue, and even black add character. The secret is to intersperse the base decor with touches of sparkle, shine, and glitz. Metallic finishes on mirrors, nightstands, frames, and accessories add rich, visual interest.   

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Are you a fan of white glam bedroom ideas?

A Hollywood Regency-inspired bedroom always uses white glam bedroom ideas alongside subtle touches of color. 

A clever way to use white in a glam bedroom is to select different shades, such as cream, pearl, off-white and beige to project texture and depth. Add bold accents of color and touches of gold, silver, or bronze for a striking contrast.

White furniture combined with metal-framed mirrors, a sparkling chandelier, and white bed linen with splashes of gold or silver will fill your boudoir with the glamorous look.

Glam bedroom decor on a budget

This concept is easy to replicate, even if you want to create glam bedroom decor on a budget.

You can pick up old retro furniture and accessories for a fraction of the price at garage sales and thrift stores. Unleash your inner interior designer and paint, spray and repurpose old pieces.

Have a plan, so when you see a pair of bargain curtains or a set of pillows at a discount you know if they’ll enhance the room. Keep an eye out for sunburst mirrors, chandeliers, upright chairs, faux fur accessories, and anything sparkly or metallic.

Using a 3D design program is an inspirational way to design your budget glam décor bedroom. You can create the glam bedroom of your dreams without spending a cent.

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More glam decor bedroom ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to glam decor bedroom ideas. It’s easy to transform your bedroom and make it a haven to escape to when you know how. 

The beauty of the Hollywood glam style is that it combines different styles, effortlessly. From romantic to modern or retro, each style pairs well with a touch of Hollywood glamor.

Attention to detail is essential – there’s nothing minimal about Hollywood glam. Elaborate furnishings, textured floral or striped wallpaper, embellished accessories, and opulent fabrics all fuse together to showcase a bedroom where you can lose yourself. 

This classic style combines luxury with elegance. Sumptuous fabrics, crystals, metallics, and plush furniture all work together to deliver a chic look. With its mix of Art-Deco influence and the classic movies and actors of the 50s, Hollywood Regency is here to stay.

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