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Choosing the right flooring for a kids bedroom


Choosing the right flooring for a kids bedroom

Soft rugs? Easy to maintain floors? Here are a few tips for choosing the right flooring to decorate a child's room.

The advantages and drawbacks of various types of flooring depending on kids bedroom furniture

If you are looking for kids room ideas, you can find here our best tips to choose the floor of your kids bedroom.

Wooden flooring. This is the most hard-wearing and attractive type of flooring. It will last throughout childhood and is just as suited to a newborn baby as it is to a 15-year-old teen. Just use rugs and beanbags for added comfort, depending on the child’s age. Choose a laminated version to avoid splinters and creaking, or solid wooden flooring in oak or pine. In terms of colour and style, choose what you like best! Golden oak is a good choice for adding a warm touch to the room, while darker browns give the room a vintage look. You can even paint wooden floors!

Carpet. Often considered difficult to maintain and bad for allergies, carpets are never the preferred choice for a child’s bedroom. However, by using carpet tiles (which can easily be changed in the event of stains) that have been treated against dust mites, it can be a good option for baby’s first steps and play. Opt for a washable wool carpet in a muted colour so as not to make the space seem smaller.

Plastic coverings in vinyl or PVC. This is the least expensive option and it’s the easiest to lay and maintain, but it sometimes lacks aesthetic appeal. Have a look at the mood boards in decor shops to get an idea as to the latest trends for this type of flooring. Wood effect or vintage tile effect flooring works well in creating a Scandinavian feel in a child’s bedroom.  Consider using our free 3D online home software to try out different ideas.

5 tips for choosing the right type of flooring for your kids bedroom sets:

1 . Your child’s age

The younger the child is, the softer and more stain-resistant the flooring should be. For a teen, favour industrial, vintage or Scandinavian-inspired flooring.

2 . A timeless basic

Avoid rugs with child-like designs that your little one (and you) is likely to get tired of very quickly! Opt for more neutral flooring, which can be livened up with colourful accessories or those with images of their favourite hero to tickle them pink.

3 . DIY

If you’re on a tight décor budget, go for floor coverings you can lay yourself, such as carpets or vinyl flooring, which can be laid in just a few hours.

4 . The overall look

To choose the right type of flooring, try to visualise the whole look of the completed room, including the colour of the walls, the various pieces of furniture and the overall feel of the room. This will help to ensure that all the décor elements go well with one another. Indeed, kids bedroom furniture are really important because you want them to last and to be large enough to store all your kid’s items.

5 . Plan well!

Our 3D home simulator enables you to create free 3D plans for all the rooms in your home. A practical, effective tool to easily plan and complete your kids room decor projects.

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