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A 3D modelled mid century modern living room made on home by me

Create and Draw

Get a first glimpse of your project layout in 2D then bring your project to life with 3D.
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A 2D plan of a mid-century mordern interior design house made on homebyme, containing a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a terrasse

Scan and import your existing 2D plan

Import it into HomeByMe to turn it to a digital plan and redraw with the pencil the outline of your walls directly in the planner.

2D plan of a mid-century mordern house made on HomeByMe

Speed up your floor plan creation

Accelerate the process by adding entire rooms to your plan in a variety of pre-existing shapes. Experiment with different room configurations and home extensions in an instant.

Visualize your plan in 3D

Immerse yourself in your design with a virtual tour of your 3D plan.
Now that the framework of your project is complete, you’re ready to choose furnishings!

A 3D plan taken on Homebyme of a mid-century modern style house

Include powerful home design features

Add easily to your project advanced features such as structural features: mezzanine or slopped walls.

Enhance your design by adding functional details

Add customized windows, doors, stairs and floors to your plan and see your project take shape within a few clicks.

Get a plan with accurate measurements

Easily refer to your floor plan and measurements during design meetings or whilst choosing furnishings.

Need a helping hand?

Give us your plan and our team will create your 3D project. Then you’ll only have the fun part left: decorate your house!


Decorate and furnish

Personalize your interior to suit your style using our large catalog of branded products
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A 3D boho living room modelled in homebyme with bohemian furnitures with an edition pannel

Furnish with popular brand-name products

Include trendy brand-name products in your floor plan. Find new furnishings quickly by filtering products according to brand or type. Shopping for furniture has never been easier!

Oberlin Nighstand CB2

Customize furniture to fit your interior

Can’t find furniture that fits your layout?
Select generic furniture models from the catalog and adapt them to your design needs. Change the color, dimensions and texture of the furniture to match your taste.

A white sofa with a painting and the editing menu

Take your project anywhere with you

Find inspiration to furnish and decorate your home in 3D or create your project on the go with the mobile app!

Eischholtz sofa, maison du monde chair and a 3D visuel of a modern living room made on HomeByMe

Try several styles in minutes

Do you want to try multiple design for your project? Duplicate your online floor plan in one click to try alternatives for your project.
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3D modelled living room of 3 differents style modern, glam and bohemian

Everything you need to decorate

Create your desired ambiance by adding final details to your decoration such as vases, plants, floor rugs, mirrors and home accessories.

Choose products from our extensive catalog

The possibilities are endless! With a catalog of 20,000 products, test a variety of furnishings and decorations to find the style that suits you.

Bookmark your favorite products

Save time by creating a list of favorite items for easy reference during the course of your renovations.

Need help from a professional?

Relax while our Interior Design Service plans your redesign project for you. Let them handle your new decoration!


View and share

Explore your new home by creating realistic images or 360° view of your project and share them to get feedback.
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realistic rendering of a modern living room

Create amazing 3D images

Show off your project with high quality images which you can share with friends, family or professionals to get ideas for improving your project. Adjust the sun position to create the ideal lighting and receive the HD image in an instant!

mozaïque of a modelled mid century modern living room made on home by me

Share 360° views

Create a 360° image of your project to explore your interior as if you were there!

Share your projects

The subtleties of interior design can make decision-making difficult! Get feedback on your home renovation plans by sharing the project link and HD images with our community, your friends or professionals.

a share via email a realistic rendering of a modern living room made on HomeByMe

Furnish with your smartphone

With the augmented reality application HomeByMe, insert furniture in your 3D interior in one minute!

Discover your project in virtual reality

Visit your interior from all angles thanks to virtual reality and immerse yourself in your future interior in full size!

Explore your new space

For even more realism, move between each room as if you were there thanks to the first person view.

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Find inspiration and visualize your future home in 3D for free.

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