Designing an open bathroom

Having a bathrooms which is part of one of the main bedrooms in the house is a real trend these days and today we have the option of trying to integrate them  in many ways. An open bathroom is also a great way to make the most of available space in your home.

Practical guide - 1 June 2015

Tip 1


Unlike the family bathroom , an open bathroom as part of a parental suite is a private area.

You can arrange and decorate it according to your personal taste. Again, unlike many other parts of the house, this space is completely yours!

Tip 2


An open bathroom is suited to distinct types of planning: it can be a comfortable room that is divided into two spaces but it can also be a small room that you want to join together with a bathroom.

Tip 3


This type of refurbishment does not require a lot of space, but instead gives the sensation of space with the openness of the room.

Tip 4

Dividing line

You can mark the passage between the bathroom and the bedroom by a low wall , a platform, a color change or a change of flooring.

Tip 5


To keep harmony with the rest of the parental suite and especially for a bathroom, don’t divide the rooms by using multiple colors. Choose a monochrome atmosphere that will give the impression of having more space, an essential element in this type of refurbishment.

Tip 6


Given that they will be visible from your bedroom you should opt for plain furniture. Define the storage you’ll need in advance: for towels , cosmetics , makeup, laundry… You will also have to choose between individual or shared cabinets.

Tip 7


Unless you really don't have a choice, don't install a washing machine and dryer in your open bathroom.

Tip 8


Obviously, it’s the same for your toilets!

Tip 9


If the supply of light coming into the room seems insufficient , plan to incorporate natural light as much as possible.

Tip 10


This type of layout requires a little discipline when living as a couple with different schedules. Take into account the sound of water and the use of lighting.

In a nutshell

Especially for this type of remodeling, which combines technical installations, refurbishment and decoration, set your budget as accurately as possible . This will allow you to choose the most suitable elements and materials.

If you have a large budget, and for either a partial or complete remodeling, entrust everything to a professional.

On the contrary, if you supervise the work yourself , ask for quotes. Rely on the more detailed ones, which are not necessarily the most expensive, and always add an additional 10% for unforeseen expenses.

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