Beautiful bedroom design ideas

Everyone loves the idea of the bedroom being a true haven of peace, but modern bedroom designs recognize that in today’s busy world you need multi-function spaces to accommodate different facets of your life. Here are some bedroom design ideas to keep the peaceful feel and add some extras, too.

Articles - 18 July 2018

Of all bedroom styles you may have in your house, the master bedroom design allows you the most freedom because this is the largest. Naturally, decor decisions tend to focus on the bed and the creative possibilities of incorporating a decorative headboard and just the right throw for color and texture balance. But if you have the luxury of a large room, include a seating area so you can lounge and relax as well as sleep. Consider how you like to relax: do you curl up with a good book, or stretch out and watch your favorite TV program? For the book scenario, look at a large snuggly armchair beside a bookshelf and a slim standard lamp; for the TV stretch, consider a daybed design. You can also enhance a large room with prominent, rather than piecemeal, storage. A fitted wardrobe has no substitute and will let you feel free with other designer touches.

Bedroom designs for a small room are a different matter. Here, practicality needs to be softened with small bedroom decorating ideas to make you feel cozy. A small space needs light colors to open it up but you can add interest with different textures like silk, down and shearling tone on tone for an overall design concept. Storage will always be at a premium in a small bedroom, so make use of the wall space with a bedhead storage surround in a natural material like light wood and fill the under-bed space with storage boxes or built-in drawers. Whether large or small, remember that you can reap big design benefits from 3D home design free software to help you envisage the final effect and play with different ideas. Another advantage is that so many people are looking for the same solutions. You’ll find lots of great ideas from other users of 3D home design software.


1 . Large bedroom design

If you’re lucky enough to have a large master bedroom, dedicate some space to a seating area so your haven of peace can multi-task. Install a comfortable chair or two for reading, or a day bed to chill with a TV program.

2 . Master bedroom storage

Don’t be afraid of a big bold built-in wardrobe – it makes tidying easy and frees up all the other space for your creative design ideas. You can experiment with a 3D apartment plan to ‘try before you buy’ with different designs.

3 . Small bedroom solutions

Make a virtue of coziness by mixing and matching fabrics in pastel shades to create interesting texture contrasts. Think silk, down and shearling to create a relaxing environment.

4 . Maximizing storage

Use the wall space in a small room for a custom bedhead surround in a blond wood for a natural look. It will serve the purpose of bookshelf, bedside table and display casing all in one go.

5 . Exchange bright ideas

When you use a 3D free plan, you can reap the benefits of other users’ ideas to spark your creativity. Your ideas will make a welcome addition to the online design community too!

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