10 key decorating tips for a welcoming and zen bedroom

It’s the most personal room in the house, and when decorating it you should always respect certain values and color combinations. How can you manage colors to achieve the best result ? Here are some ideas!

Practical guide - 20 May 2015

Tip 1


Focusing on soft shades will ensure your room looks peaceful. It also brightens up the decor.

Tip 2


Brightness is the key element. Pale and cool shades are best for peace and quiet. If you like to go to bed early you’ll identify yourself with powdered pink, soft blue, light grey, khaki green or hot beige.

Tip 3

Be daring

In spite of this advice, don’t overlook strong and dark shades which make the atmosphere warmer and more intimate.  Night owls should pick the colors mentioned above in darker tones.

Tip 4

Everything in moderation

Think about applying a simple touch of intense colors as another solution. An entire wall, a headboard or built-in storage are ideal elements to apply a deeper color to.

Tip 5


Find a masculine-feminine balance. Dark for one, light for the other. It’s essential for your bedroom’s atmosphere to have the perfect combination of both.


Tip 6

Changing perspectives

Learn to combine colors and play on your bedroom’s size to fix certain defects like a ceiling that’s too high.

Tip 7


If you want to make certain details stand out such as a door, an alcove, a window-frame, or a shelved corner, bright tones on a white wall can highlight these designs. If you want the opposite effect, apply the color only to a wall to tone it down.

Tip 8


If you want to experiment and let your imagination run free with colors, do so in the guest room.

Tip 9


For childrens’ bedrooms, don’t limit yourself to toy-like colors. Your child should participate in choosing their room’s wall colors but we recommend favoring calm and peaceful shades.

Tip 10


For teenagers, we recommend a blend of calm and energetic shades. The best solution is to choose a wall and apply a dynamic color to it. It will give you the possibility to paint over it as your child’s taste evolves.

In a nutshell

Everything’s a question of balance, it is necessary to find the best harmony between calm nights and great mornings.

Before opting for the right color, make sure to test your ideas.

Finally, always keep a color sample somewhere with the exact name of the name or if possible an empty can of the color.

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