Bring your home to life in 3D

Visualize your 3D mockup and visit the interior of your new home. You can now furnish it to suit your style using our large catalog of branded and designer products.

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Moving around your project

Once the 2D plan foundations of your home have been created, you can switch to 3D mode and see each room of your project from every point of view by moving the avatar around. The first-person view lets you walk through your virtual project as if you were really there.


Furnish with branded products

The 3D mockup is perfect for letting you add your furniture and decorate your home.

Discover a wide variety of brand-name furniture in our catalog (Habitat, Maisons du Monde, Ligne Roset...) to cater to your needs.

Choose the furniture that goes best with the décor of your living room or bedroom and receive detailed information on your favourite products: price, brand, size...


Rearrange your space

Become your own personal interior designer as you test various layout possibilities. Move your sofa to the middle of the living room, opt for a corner sofa, or move your table to the kitchen instead of the living room...Every composition is possible with Homebyme.

Feel free to play around to get the best possible interior design!


Personalize your furniture

Can’t find the style of furniture you like in the catalog?

No problem! You can customize some of the furniture in our catalog so it matches your interior. Change the size, color, or texture of the furniture to get the result you want.

You'll be your very own interior designer!


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