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How to customize walls and floors?


How to customize walls and floors?

How to customize walls and floors? | HomeByMe Tutorials

On home design software HomeByMe, there are two convenient options available for customizing your walls and floors effortlessly.

The first option is to go to the product tab and click on “Decorate” to access the extensive library. Within the library, you will find three categories: flooring, tiles and stones, and paints and wallpapers. In the flooring category, you’ll discover various options such as hardwood, carpets, and vinyl. The tiles and stones category includes a wide range of choices like mosaics, concrete, and bricks. The paints and wallpapers category offers an array of colors and patterns. Simply select the desired sub-category, scroll through the options, and choose the ideal covering for your project. Click on “Apply to surface” to directly apply it to your floor, and don’t forget to validate your selection.

The second option involves a more interactive approach. Click directly on the surface you want to cover, then click on “Edit” and choose the appropriate sub-category. You can explore various coverings such as wallpaper, wall tiles, and mosaic to visualize how they would look. Feel free to experiment and reuse coverings on different surfaces within your project. Once you’re satisfied with the result, click on “Validate” to apply the chosen covering.

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