If you don't have time to turn your floor plan into a Homebyme project, we can do it for you!

For , we can create your 3D Homebyme project based on your actual floor plan (uploaded in either a JPG, PNG or PDF format). All that's left for you to do is decorate it!

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  • Send us your floor plan
    Send us your floor plan
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  • 3 working days to process
    3 working days to process
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  • Receive your Homebyme project
    Receive your Homebyme project

What we need

A technical drawing or an handmade plan

If you have a plan of your home, that's perfect! Please note: if you have a scaled floor plan you need to add, by hand, only one exact measurement. With a regular floor plan, you will need to add in all your floor plan measurements by hand. Please fill in a maximum of information: room labels, doors, windows, bow windows or bay windows that you want visible in your project.

Each plan must:
  • have only one floor (ground floor or first floor or second floor, etc.)
  • measure less than 2690 ft²/250m²
  • be in JPG, PNG or PDF format

What you will get

outsoucing plan desktop

We will convert your floor plan into a 3D Homebyme project!

  • An e-mail will notify you that your 3D project is ready.
  • You will find your project in your Homebyme account
  • Now you can decorate it using our catalog of paints, materials, and furniture.
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