Unique office decor ideas to revamp your workspace

Transform your home or work office into an amazing interior with these office decor ideas. Whether you’re home or office-based, the environment you spend most of your day in should be beautifully decorated to inspire creativity.

Whether you’re home or office-based, the environment you spend most of your day in should be beautifully decorated to inspire creativity.

From small office decorating ideas to decor for company offices, color, furniture, and style are key to creating a productive workspace. 

Home office decor ideas to keep those stress levels low

Your home office might be the place you work in full time, do office work at home, or keep the household bills up to date. We’ve got some home office decor ideas to motivate you and reflect your personality.

Let’s start with color. Neutral home office paint colors help clear your mind and focus. Deeper tones of blue or green with pops of brighter colors like pink or red add interest and will fuel your imagination. 

Comfortable office furniture is essential, especially if you spend a long time in your home office. Choose an adjustable chair and a desk with drawers and plenty of space to work on. Storage is the next thing to consider and smart shelves and cabinets keep files and papers stored tidily away. Add a modern console table to double as an extra desk or to display photographs, plants, and books.

When it comes to lighting, natural light is best, so place your desk near a window. Cool home office lighting ideas use modern lamps to make a statement and reduce eyestrain.

Think about Feng Shui for your home office design ideas – harmony is the secret. The space should generate positive energy with clever use of decor and minimal clutter.

A contemporary office with neutral colors

Contemporary office with neutral colors.

Work office decor ideas for a positive mindset

Our work environment affects our mood. Happy and relaxed employees are more productive especially if they have a modern, comfortable office to work in. Beautiful work office decor ideas show a company’s commitment to its workers. 

Work office decor influences the atmosphere and reflects company image and brand.

Glass desks, high-tech equipment, sleek modern shelving, and minimal furniture all project a sense of efficiency for the fast-paced office. Add further touches of sophistication with unique office wall decor, such as large pieces of artwork.    

For a more laid-back business, the contrast to this is comfy sofas, break-out areas with bean bags and industrial-style office furniture to create a fun, professional workspace.

Plants are crucial in the work office too, as they provide oxygen and promote a sense of calm. Large plants are also a great way to zone off areas and make working areas more private.

A modern home office with storage

A modern office with storage.

More tips to inspire for your office decor

Whatever job you have and wherever you work, the office decor is a contributing factor to your success. Why not try out some of these office decor ideas?

  • make a home office accent wall to display your favorite prints, inspirational quotes, or display certificates
  • if space is at a premium a great small office decorating idea is to install a floating desk in an unused corner or alcove
  • vertical storage saves space – use shelves, rails, and hooks, and pinboards
  • keep papers and files out of sight in boxes and baskets
  • paint an accent wall in a calming color, such as cool gray, mushroom brown, or mint green to add depth and focus
Home office with a large print and a neutral lighting

Office with a large print and neutral lighting.

The secret to successful office decor ideas is to dress up the area you work in with stylish pieces and soothing colors for a functional and motivational workspace. Create an office that you look forward to going to on a Monday morning, rather than somewhere you can´t wait to leave at the end of the day!

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