How to decorate around a mirror to brighten your home

Beautiful decoration with a rocking chair and a mirror
Besides using them for combing your hair, putting on makeup, and getting dressed in the morning, mirrors are a fabulous addition to home decoration ideas. They breathe life into any room and make it seem spacious and airy.

You can use all kinds of accessories to enhance mirror decor – candles, plants, fairy lights… Here are some ideas on how to decorate around a mirror to make your spaces feel inviting.

Decorating around a mirror to make it the centerpiece

A bold, dramatic mirror adds interest and gives a room perspective. Search for unusual framed mirrors or mirrors that are different and get to work with your creativity.

Inject surprise and implement your interior design ideas using mirrors. Hanging a mirror symmetrically above a mantel or cupboard is no longer on-trend. Visually frame a mirror between light fixtures, tall plants, or photo galleries. Things don’t have to be symmetrical, step outside the box and create a border for the mirror with different sized prints.

A large mirror in the living room makes the space seem larger by reflecting light off metal and light-colored surfaces. Decorating around a mirror can reflect the style of the room. Use accessories to give the room a modern, farmhouse, boho, or industrial look.

The bathroom is the perfect location for adding a mirror. It can enhance a small space and create a window if the bathroom lacks one. Decorate with accessories in a similar material to the mirror frame (wood or metal) to bring the room to life. Plants are perfect for placing around framed mirrors in bathrooms as they add a natural touch.
Don’t forget traditional sunburst mirrors – a key accessory in the mid-century look. These can sit alone on a wall or form part of a gallery of pictures and mirrors.

How to decorate a wall mirror?

Locate a chest of drawers below a mirror for an instant dresser. This idea works well in the bedroom, especially if you place the mirror next to the window to make the most of natural light. Hang jewelry, floral garlands, and fairy lights on the edge of the mirror for decoration.

You could decorate a dining room mirror in a similar way, by installing it above a sideboard and placing lamps and a stunning fruit bowl or jug on the surface.

To lighten a dark and dull entryway, mirrors reflect light and make this often small space appear larger. Decorate around them with strings of lights to illuminate the area. The entryway is also a good choice for a full length mirror, so you can check you look ok before you leave the house.

Another great idea on how to decorate a wall mirror is to surround it with several plants to give a ‘garden room’ effect.

Home office with a decoration centered around a mirror

How to decorate a mirror with layers?

Lean an oversized mirror against the wall in the living room or bedroom and create a focal point. Place artwork and large empty frames in front of it for depth and interest. Finish your masterpiece with a large potted plant or glass bottle to complete the layered look.

Use your imagination to add interest to this feature and add variety to your home design. If you’re not sure how to decorate a mirror in this way remember to keep the look balanced, so the mirror’s the star of the show.

Mirrors play an important in making spaces feel larger and homier. They anchor the room and are a quick and easy way to refresh home decor.

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