3 essential kids room decor tips

Kids room with a bunkbed
Your child’s bedroom will serve several purposes throughout their time at home. When they’re very little, your baby boy or girl may only use the room to sleep. As they grow older, however, children’s bedrooms become a place for playing, doing homework, and immersing themselves in personal arts and crafts projects.

To make sure the room can accommodate all these needs, kids’ room decor items should combine a functional foundation with fun, personal children’s room decor that is easy to update throughout the years.

First, Make your Children’s Room Decor Functional

The best way to do this is to use design solutions to create three different zones in your child’s room: sleep, play, and work. Set up the room with as much open floor space as you can and invest in a high-quality, washable rug to accommodate creative play.

Depending on the size of the room, you might place a desk on one side and the bed on the other, or turn to space-saving solutions like a lofted bed or bunk beds.

The key is to make each area comfortable and attractive, so your child can focus and have fun. Smart storage solutions are ideal for keeping the space free of clutter, which is important for promoting creativity and reducing stress.

Add corner shelves to make the most of the available space and use appealing containers like colorful baskets or other kids’ room decor ideas to add to the nursery decor in a way that makes tidying up enjoyable.

Think Long-Term: How to Make Your Kid’s Bedroom Decor Last

To avoid the hassle and expense of having to change out furniture as your child grows, think long term from the beginning, when you’re planning your nursery room decor.

This means investing in quality kid’s bedroom furniture sets to ensure they last throughout your little one’s childhood.

Once your toddler boy or girl graduates from the crib to a twin bed, choose a solid frame that will fit them as they grow – it’s easier and more cost-effective to change the bedding than the bed itself. Similarly, a good-quality desk with an adjustable chair will last them from finger-painting to essay-writing.

When purchasing kid’s furniture for your child’s room, avoid choices that are too whimsical if you intend them to last into adolescence – that’s what wall decor and accessories are for!

Kids room with double desk

Get an organized  play area in your kids room

Use Children’s Room Decorations to Inspire Creativity

Now that you’ve created a functional, comfortable space for your child to call their own, it’s time to have fun! The room’s decor is what your child will love and remember the most, so make it special. The key here is to choose decorating ideas that are easy to install and remove, so that the room can change as your child grows up and develops their own tastes.

For infants and toddlers, hang colorful art prints or other kids’ room decor ideas that your baby can look at from their crib. Animal-themed children’s wall art for bedrooms is always a good choice for toddlers, but you can also spark their curiosity with nature prints, glow-in-the-dark stars, or alphabet designs.

Mobiles are also an easy, eye-catching way to accessorize a toddler’s room. As your child grows older, bear in mind that decorating their own room is an important way for children to express themselves. Encourage creativity by letting them into the design process. They will likely change their minds and want to re-do their rooms several times throughout childhood, and that’s a good thing!

Steer them towards handy shortcuts like stick-on wallpaper and removable decals to avoid having to re-paint the walls and use shelving to showcase their collections, or help them create a gallery wall of their drawings.

These easy touches infuse your kid’s bedroom decor with their unique personality. Remember: even if their choices don’t necessarily match yours, these personal touches are what allow them to develop their own tastes and gain confidence in their individuality.

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